You are the Voice of Authority in your own life

Posted on 03 September 2013

What if you began every day wifrequencyth a clear mind and a powerful intention?  What if you proclaimed your intention with the voice of authority — the kind of voice that moves mountains and shifts realities.

You have that ability!  You are continually co-creating your life with each thought, action and feeling.

Beginning a day with a clear intention sets the tone for the day.  It’s the activation of the authority you always have to influence yourself and life around you.

An intention can be simple.  It can be general.  It should feel powerful.  And it should be broad enough to carry you through your day, regardless of what circumstances may arise.

Here a short list of some of my favorite intentions to take on depending on the day:

My intention today is to connect with everyone who crosses my path.
My intention today is to fully appreciate and enjoy my life.
My intention today is to look for what’s right before looking for what isn’t.
My intention today is to express approval of all that gives me joy.
My intention today is to show up with courage and speak my truth.
My intention is to be a crystal clear conduit of guidance and truth.


Get it?  Your intention, when proclaimed with authority and anchored within your being DOES create your life experience.  It ripples out and shapes the world around you.

The other alternative?  You could float through your day on auto-pilot.  Or you could go through your day in fight mode, resisting what shows up in your path. Sound familiar?


Live more powerfully than that! Join me in a 21 Day Intention Experiment with a group of conscious people interested in co-creating their life with purpose! We begin THIS Thursday, September 5th.


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