Let’s vision.

What’s next?
What are you becoming?
What can you generate and create this year?
What are you ready to have more of?
What is it time to let go of?
What else is possible that you haven’t been seeing?

Meditate. Journal. Share.

Hear your inner guidance.

Align within and embody the vision.


Saturday, January 18 in Glendale, CA

3 – 5pm


Bring your notebook, favorite pens, and an open heart and mind.

I’ll provide ease and space, laughter and lightness, coffee, tea and chocolate.


“I walked into the 2 hour vision lab planning on working on my vision what came up within the first half hour were all my walls/reasons why I wasn’t creating. We meditated journaled and I walked through my barriers and came out with more clarity and so excited for what those two hours changed in my perspective. I looked around the group and saw that everyone was leaving different and pumped for their vision than how they walked in.” – Erica
“I walked in not really sure what to expect. I walked out with a whole new sense of the energy of my future and how blessed I am. Nothing we ever do is wrong and everything that happens is a contribution to us. Thank you Jessica — you inspire us all.” – Peter

I came into the Vision Lab because I desired a vision for change in my life as it currently appears. I left with a knowing of central Energies, or Power Words, (one in particular from which others radiated), that will allow me to create a new direction with more confidence, ease, and joy. I’m deeply grateful.” – Madeline


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