To get in the flow, surrender

Posted on 10 April 2023

It’s really easy to slip into the default mode of ‘me against the world,’ when you feel unsafe.

Or when your life feels particularly out of control, you can exert a lot of effort fighting what’s happening without even realizing there’s another option.

Fighting and controlling is exhausting.

I recommend a different approach: surrender. Trust that what’s happening is for you, not against you.

The practice of surrender doesn’t make you a door mat or a pushover if you do it with presence and awareness.

Surrendering control allows you get into the flow and let Life carry you forward.

When you’re relaxed enough to feel the flow of Life around you, the experience is sweet and even exhilarating!

You intuitively feel your way forward.

You sense what needs your attention and what doesn’t.

You line up with the world in such a way that timing works out, what you need shows up, and the perfect people coincide with you in perfect timing.

You experience the interconnection and synchronicity of Life and what you desire to experience lands in with ease.

Life in the flow is full of miracles that you’d never see if you were trying to control it.

When you’re in the flow you trust:

Things are working out.
There is a way forward and it is making itself known.
Something is emerging here that can be a win-win-win for all of us.

You do less and receive more
You control less and allow more
You stress less and experience more miracles.

You stop functioning as a doing machine and remember yourself as an inter-connected human being, supported by Life.

I invite you into that state of being more often in your life, as the antidote to stress and tension.

I also invite you to practice that with me in this month’s daily class, In the Flow: a 21 day practice in surrender, ease + miracles. We begin tomorrow.

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