3 Things I’ve Learned About Following My Heart

Posted on 12 July 2014

As of this summer I have officially been in business for five years, and wow — what an adventure it’s been!  This career is better than I could have hoped for.  And getting here was tougher than I would have imagined.

Have you ever set off towards your dreams only to find that your uncharted path is far more difficult than you’d expected?

This I know, if you’re brave enough to make a commitment to following your heart, then you’re going to have to give something up, and you will have to grow.  Much of this work is going to be internal before it’s external.  And it’s going to be one wild ride!  Often exciting, though not always comfortable.

On my own path, I have learned this:

1.  It’s not always going to feel easy. Even if you’re making choices in pursuit of your own joy, you’re going to face your own doubt and that nasty voice of inner criticism. That negative voice is LOUD and convincing. Designed to keep you safe, it will not be silenced.  It actually needs to be addressed with compassion. Very few of us were taught how to do that; it’s a lesson in self-love, self-worthiness, and self-trust.  Take it on!

2. Your inner commitment needs support. It won’t serve you to go it alone. You need conversations that will feed your vision, not dampen it. You need people to create and collaborate with.  You need affirmation and soul food.  Read great books, listen to inspiring podcasts and videos, take classes, and yes — get a coach!

3. Fulfillment and joy is a continual quest.  You don’t ever reach a place of clarity and enlightenment and then — that’s it!   Each high place will become your next normal, and then you’ll expand and grow again.  So, appreciate where you are, and then KEEP ON. Seriously. Follow the soul’s prompting to grow — over and over, again and again. Keep supporting your CONTINUAL expansion.

It’s now enrollment week for The Inner Circle: a monthly coaching program for the Modern Luminary.  Join and each month receive:

     1 one-on-one session (or more if you choose!)
     1 downloadable .mp3 recording of a master class
     1 group coaching call
     1 partner for accountability and support
     (+ 1 inspiring book a quarter)


Read more HERE.  If you’re new to working with me and this program calls to you, email me to apply.

Though each phase of my own growth has come with it’s challenges, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Life always supports my growth, and I never feel more fulfilled than when I have expanded to my brightest state of being yet.

YOUR path is unique to you.  You may be called to expand in service, in intimacy, in creativity or something else…  And when you feel that call, heed it!

Shine bright!  Dream big.

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