Forget The news, THIS Is What I’m Interested In

Posted on 15 July 2013

I’m interested in compassion. I’m interested in those who act out impulses of kindness before acts of self-defense. I’m interested in creating a world in which we smile at what each other chooses to wear, instead of making snap judgments about black nailpolish, tattoos, hoodies, sagging jeans or short shorts.

I’m interested in respect.

I’m interested in neighborhoods in which people know each others names and feel comfortable to ask their neighbors to pet-sit their dogs, cats and bunnies.

I’m interested in generosity and service and creative ideas that shape the world towards a playing field that’s diverse, accessible and even. I’m interested in a diversity of cultures sharing their unique traits for celebration.

I’m interested in people who are quick with sincere apologies, expressions of gratitude, and acknowledgment of the ways in which their individual actions impact others. I’m interested in conversation that empowers and inquires in a spirit of open-heartedness and a willingness to see all sides.

I’m interested in sharing food, in trying new things, in attending weddings, graduations and birthday parties because life is meant to be celebrated and milestones deserve recognition from the wider community. I’m interested in town squares, city parks and backyard gardens. I’m interested in farmer’s markets, libraries, and local businesses.

I’m interested in family values that are inclusive and celebratory of all forms of families, even when they’re different, and that create environments in which it’s EASY for families to be healthy and to thrive.

I’m interested in the world that we’re becoming as we grow our global perspectives, see our Oneness, and follow our simplest values of honoring and respecting each other and ourselves.  I’m interested in the ways we can even more quickly move beyond old patterns of violence, prejudice, greed, and hierarchy to let a new world be born.

I’m interested in the purest teachings of Love that exists in all spiritual traditions.

THIS is what I’m interested in. THIS is what I’m willing to participate in.  THIS is the news I will look for.  THIS is the world I will help to birth.

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