When you’re feeling like there isn’t enough for you…

Posted on 01 November 2019

There is more than enough for you… are you feeling it?

There is more than enough time, money, resources, and support for you to have your needs met.

If you aren’t feeling that there is, I understand that. There’s a lot of stress on the planet, and a lot of feeling of scarcity. It’s all around you. It could be the vibe in your office, or with your loved ones, or maybe you feel the desperation as soon as you get on the freeway. But when you catch yourself in it, that’s your cue to pause and reset.

What you need is here too.

There is a way to it. There is a way for it to manifest. There is a way to access it.

To get to it, you must shift your energy, or you won’t even see it.

Remind yourself: There is enough. There is a way. There is a whole other set of possibilities available to me. There is another reality than this.

Say that aloud. Then repeat it again.

Can you feel the quiet space inside of you that remembers that?

As you shift back to center, you harmonize with circumstances instead of trying to control them. You surrender to what’s here, and you don’t sink — you float! The problems that appeared so big, dissolve as you stop wrestling with them.

The more you practice tuning into that energy of ‘more than enough’, the easier life flows, and the more you’ll experience your needs being met.

Book sessions when you need help. Establish your own daily practice to find your center and open to Life. Or join this year’s Living Abundance class for 22 days of energy shifting conversation, and practice with me.

There is more than enough support for you. Have it.

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