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Posted on 04 May 2022

Years ago, in the months before I left my former job, I hired a life coach for weekly sessions. A big transition was coming. I had chosen it! I was going to cash out my retirement, leave my career, move to Los Angeles, complete training to become a coach, and start my own business.

Was I crazy? Was I sure I wanted to do this? I had a lot to process.

I felt both excitement and waves of self doubt. Parts of me were so confident and clear. Other parts of me were scared to death. Coaching sessions helped me sort it all out so I could grow into the person I needed to become for this change.

My coach heard all of my inner craziness. She was a safe space for it. Week by week she’d listen with so much presence, I would find my calm and steadiness. When I’d lose my vision, she’d hold it. When I was judging myself, she’d reflect a kinder vision of myself back to me.

One day I showed up to my session paralyzed with fear. All the worst case scenarios were swirling in my head. I couldn’t control my thoughts. My coach helped me focus — she had me pull out each fear, name it, feel it, and imagine what I would do if it came true. With her, I let myself feel those big feelings, and as I faced them fully, they shifted. I left that session exhausted but calm, and those fears never came back with as much intensity.

Surprisingly to me, in these sessions we also ended up talking a lot about my grandma. Changing myself meant confronting the ingrained beliefs and patterns of my family system, and my relationship with my grandma was central to those patterns. Our dynamic was complicated. I loved her, but for many reasons, I also resented her. My coach helped me disentangle my identity from hers.

It was such an unexpected bonus that this series of coaching sessions I bought to prepare me for a giant transition in my career, completely transformed my relationship with my grandma. I found a new, cleaner love for her as I developed a clearer sense of myself. I’m so grateful for that because a few years later when my grandma passed away, I had no regrets with her. This is the power of doing your inner work.

I worked with my coach weekly for many months and kept in touch with her afterwards. Over the next few years I accomplished what I dreamed of when I made the choice to leave my job. The worst case scenarios did not come true. I’m grateful I was bold enough to take this path. I like who I’ve become.

Our sessions were a lifeline at the time – I looked forward to them eagerly each week — and I can honestly say that all those things my life coach helped me with over a decade ago are still paying dividends in my life. That’s the power of that investment.

Now I get to be for my clients what she was for me.

This spring I’ve had a number of clients in a similar transition time between jobs. I like holding space for that. I like helping my clients become people who up-level their career and negotiate higher salaries or flexible schedules or different responsibilities. I like helping them shift their self concept to become people who ask for more, make daring changes or pursue the dreams that honor their spirits.

Are YOU poised on the edge of transition?
Are you feeling a change coming?
Are you needing to find some inner strength or clarity that you haven’t fully accessed before?

If so, invest in support for yourself during this time. Coaching sessions help you face your fears, tend to your thoughts and find your solid footing on the inside.

Doing the inner work is always worth it, and I promise you, it will pay off in ways you can’t yet see.

I’m here for that and for you!


If you’re interested in working together, let’s talk! I offer a free consultation to explore where you are and where you want to be, what growth edges you’re surfing and how coaching might support you. Book a consultation time here.

And, if you’re a former client ready for more inner work, schedule more sessions with me here.

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