The art of choosing

Posted on 28 January 2020

Don’t just think through your choices. Feel them.

Notice the energy of each option:

Does this direction feel light or heavy?
Does it expand me or contract me?

When the energy is light in a particular direction, open up to it.

Even when it appears illogical, be daring enough to entertain the possibility it presents.

If it’s heavy, pause. Don’t keep walking in directions that contract you.

Wait. Ask more questions.

Choosing based on energetic awareness is powerful.

There’s an art to listening and perceiving. It requires you to be present. It requires you to value yourself enough to choose what feels good to you.

And… it’s something you can practice and get good at.

Want to practice with me? I’ll guide you!

Choice & Choosing, a 5 week calls series, begins Wednesday. Come play!



When you’ve got big choice points in front of you, book a session.  Together we can feel into the possibilities and align you to your inner knowing. You DO know! We all have a ton of awareness about the paths in our life, it’s just that so often our knowing is eclipsed by our stress, our over-thinking, or our fears of making the wrong choice. Again, when you’re caught in that, slow down. Ask questions. Feel in.

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