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Jessica came highly recommended to me as a life coach by a mutual friend.  My wife suggested that I work with someone to address my growing restlessness with our relationship as well as my professional career.  Being extremely self-reliant and independent, I doubted that someone many years my junior out of Alaska could help a New York born world traveler with a wife and two kids.  Boy, was I in for a (very big) life lesson!

Jessica helped me to clearly articulate what it is that I am passionate about deep down inside.  She provided insightful and compassionate guidance to form an ideal vision of who I want to be – and then held that vision for me whenever we met.  It wasn’t long before my coaching sessions with Jess became an eagerly anticipated weekly event.  Besides having a positive and effervescent personality, Jessica is a keen and authentic listener, a great problem solver and an absolute wealth of resources. She now holds me accountable for executing the plan – that she helped me to create – to reach a grand new reality for my life.

After I started working with Jessica, I wondered if we’d run out of topics or things to discuss in our weekly sessions.  But, here it is six months later and we still have rich, deep discussions that I find highly valuable and exceptionally helpful in helping me to grow personally, spiritually and professionally.  Jessica is a truly gifted life coach and takes great joy in helping others to break through their limiting thoughts in order to become more self-aware and better persons.  My only regret is that I didn’t meet Jessica 10-years earlier as I would have had that much more time of knowing such a warm, delightful, truly enlightened human being.

Mark L, Los Angeles

I was hit with a series of bad events that included a divorce, closing down my business and a robbery -Yippee! All of the above left me very disoriented and unsure of myself. Then came Jessica! I was skeptical of the idea of a life coach but nearly from the moment I sat down with Jessica I knew my time with her would be well-spent.

It was obvious she was completely focused on me and the process and is a professional. Through a very interactive process of winnowing things down to essentials and working with a “wheel of life,” we came to clarify some key short-term career-focused goals. Specifically the goals were to pass an important certification in my industry in September of this year and to then more aggressively apply for positions. I passed the certification on October 4th (slightly overdue – oh well) and was offered a position on October 27th. AFTER MORE THAN TWO YEARS I AM WORKING AGAIN!

Jessica and I worked thru several options about what path I should take. And I suppose I will never know how it would have turned out if I took one of the other paths. However, what I am sure of, is the path we ultimately chose did work and is working – at least for the next three years. Which is exactly what I needed.

The term “life coach” initially seemed to offer something that would be hard to quantify. Yet for me, the clarity I gained and my pursuing a defined goal produced a concrete result. Namely I GOT A  JOB.

Obviously, I highly recommend Jessica Colp’s life coaching services.

Alex P, Alhambra, CA

Coaching gave me the opportunity to attempt to say the things that I didn’t know how to say yet without fearing being misunderstood. More than just describing feelings and opinions to Jessica, I was able to explain them to myself. Having someone with an unbiased viewpoint to untwist and analyze what I was trying to say brought a lot of clarity to my ideas. Talking to Jessica was less about confiding in someone to make me feel better about the things that were wrong, and more about consolidating all of the things on my mind into something concrete that would be helpful to carry through the week. Our conversations were a process.

If I had to describe coaching to another young person I would say it is most analogous to dumping out and unloading a messy suitcase and repacking it more neatly and carefully so that it could close tightly, leaving behind things you felt you didn’t need to carry, and deciding which things were important to keep on top and which things could be tucked away for later. Being a teenager dealing with school and work and family sometimes it’s easier just to “stuff” things away; having someone to check in with regularly, to help “unpack” from the week leaves you much more prepared to take on the next one.

Emily, High School Student, Fairbanks, AK

Everything that everyone wrote is 100% accurate for this amazing light-filled being, Jessica. Just talking to her alone lifts my spirits and allows me to see a bigger vision for my life… and, through her support, guidance and love, I feel this vision is actually possible!

Jessica is the kind of gal who walks her talk. Her life is lived with such integrity, honor, love and commitment. I have seen her out and about in various communities, and she is always filled with love, and ready to fix her full attention on me. She has a joy for living that is infectious, a steady earthiness that feels like unwavering support, and the kind of listening ears that makes me feel heard, seen, validated, and appreciated. Everything I offer up to her, from business ideas to boyfriend challenges, is met with unconditional love, non-judgment and a special kind of clarity that helps me to navigate this life with greater joy, ease and comfort.

If you are reading this, consider yourself blessed to have found this page, and this life-coach. Jump on in and let her help you live a brighter life!

Julie Z, Los Angeles, CA

I was contemplating how to navigate a new career direction while continuing my current one and a friend suggested that I try life coaching.  I found Jessica and throughout our sessions she was warm, patient and incredible at getting me to think through different ways to address my goals and coming up with practical suggestions that have helped move me forward in concrete ways.  Within a few sessions I felt like I was talking to an old friend, and was amazed at how she took the time to research different ideas that I mentioned and make valuable suggestions based on these ideas. Jessica is an amazing life coach who clearly enjoys what she does and her enthusiasm is infectious.  I recommend her highly.

Lola O, Culver City, CA

I’ve had several coaching sessions with Jessica. She has a creative approach to getting to the core of the issue.   At the end of our sessions, I feel more clarity and a a deeper understanding and love of myself.  Jessica is patient, open, authentic and non-judgmental.  Working with her has been transforming for me.

Leyla, Yoga Teacher, Manhattan Beach, CA

Have you ever met a person who is lucky enough to have found a career that is an obvious joy and passion of theirs? These people EXCEL at their jobs, they LOVE what they do and you as the customer cannot help but feel that same love, passion and enthusiasm!  Well folks… Jessica Colp is another person that I can add to my (short) list of such people. She’s really great at what she does. She IS a life coach and an excellent one at that!

She is a nuturer, a supporter and cheerleader of dreams which left me feeling like “I really CAN do anything that I want to” and I think the world can never get enough of that, especially now.

Before my session with Jessica I was literally stuck (aka my feet were CEMENTED in stagnation and mediocrity and frustration particularly about my job/career path) and after our session I literally jumped up and danced around the house because my spirit had been lifted, I felt excited about life again, and I had more clarity than I’d had in what seems like months!

Jessica gently walked me through a series of questions, she led me to generate some great ideas, discuss the “what’s holding me back” items in my life, and what’s great is that she didn’t just stop there…. she helped me to self-generate ideas, possibilities, solutions which thankfully introduced some very missed confidence and momentum into my life.

I will be having a followup session with Jessica in two weeks and am thrilled to have her as my life coach. I’ve never been disappointed with the outcomes of our sessions and I am certain that you won’t be either.

Shauna D, Accountant, Long Beach, CA

Coaching with Jessica invoked clarity and insight into what can be my muddled mind.  She helps me prioritize my life, wading through past issues, by focusing on my present goals and desires.  Jessica helps me see my NOW, my present, where I am stuck and how I can move forward; she helps me unlock my own potential and power to see more clearly.

Amy G, High School Teacher, Fairbanks, AK

Jessica was a delight to work with.  Her method was surprisingly concise and I continue to benefit from her thoughtful guidance.

Brian M,  Builder/Inventor/Artist, San Diego, CA

I am truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience Life-Coaching with Jessica Colp.  In fact, I consider it a rich gift from the universe:  something I needed at a pivotal period of my life’s development–available to me in a creative, activating, revolutionizing form.  I’d worked with various counselors from time to time, but this was by far a deeper, more dynamic, explorative experience–and wonderfully fun, to boot.  The questions and observations she has offered me–always structured within the awareness of “highest good”–have helped me to reconnect with my core motivations and tap resources that are replenished as I employ them continually, on my own, in day-to-day life situations.  With Jessica, I have gotten valuable practice at empowering myself  to cultivate peace, balance and centered fruitfulness:  as my state of being, in my relationships and throughout my work-life.  I am exceedingly grateful to Jessica, her innate character and her powerful expertise.  I would whole-heartedly recommend life-coaching with her to anyone who has the inkling that it might be right for them at this point on their path. This irreplaceable opportunity has entered your sphere;  Why not give it a whirl!?

M.Flynn, Artist, Los Angeles, CA

My coaching session with Jessica was not at all what I expected.   The conversation was completely enlightening.  It helped me put things I had been struggling with for a long time in perspective.  The greatest thing about the entire experience was that Jessica helped me realize the answers were within me all along, she showed me a power I never knew I had.

Kasey, Super-Mom, CA

Jessica’s God given gift is to be a life coach. My experience was riveting and transformative. My destiny took on a better shape and my life tapped back into my life’s vocation.

A.M., Graduate Student, D.C.

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