Why you should talk about your problems (and how)

Posted on 04 February 2022

I love that I have a job where people tell me all their problems. For real! My job is to listen to people talk about the things in their life that are hard and aren’t working, and I enjoy it, because it’s so important.

We NEED to talk about our problems! We need to pay attention to our discontent. We need to listen to our anger and frustration. We need conversations about what’s not working for us.

Problems are information. They’re your cue to change course or do differently or uncover something new. They aren’t to be ignored.

I’m not the person that people just vent to. As a life coach I hear it all, and I get to be part of the solution.

Here’s how to talk about your problems:

  • Own your feelings, your thoughts, and also your role in the problem.
  • Note specifically what isn’t working for you.
  • Identify what you’re making the problem mean.
  • Wonder about what’s really at the heart of it all.
  • And somewhere in there get curious and creative. Seek a solution!

Solutions come from seeking new perspectives that lead you to new choices.

Be a different energy, take a different stance, make a different ask, add a different ingredient — one little change can unlock a whole situation. Always, there’s a way forward that is better, but you have to believe it and look for it.

Having problems isn’t a problem. Being stuck in them is.

This year, be proactive. Use me. Book sessions and move through your stuck points faster and with higher solutions than you might come up with when you feel low.

You can change that relationship, get that job, pay off that debt, take that vacation, fall in love, be the person you want to be — I know you can! No matter the circumstance, there is a solution and a path that is healthy and true for you. Seek it.


P.S. Would you like to work with me this year? It’s fun to have a coach! And it’s an investment in your happiness and your future. If you’re not already a client, I invite you to schedule a consultation. It’s free, it’s 30 minutes, and it’s your time to tell me what you’re dreaming of, and for us to explore how I can help get there.


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