Take an intention break

Posted on 08 September 2023

Pick a specific area of your life and ask some questions with me (it could be a situation at work, a relationship that’s important to you, a plan, project or investment).

Zoom out to look at this area of your life, then ask:

What is unfolding here?

Does it work for me?

Does it feel good and right?

If so, revel in it. Open your heart to feel satisfaction in what’s here.

A pause to appreciate and savor creates a lot of momentum.

If not, stay curious. Slow down and look again.

Become a little more intentional.

What would I really like to experience here?

What do I want this area of your life to feel like?

What could I imagine creating for myself here that’s better? 

What would that also create for others?

Good. Now, let yourself feel it as if it were so — as if this was your reality instead. Let those feelings work their way through your body. There’s information there.

If you can imagine, even generally, with feeling and an upelveled intention, something different and better, you’ve begun creating it.

Now you’re pointed in that direction, ready for new inspiration — which will come, because you’ve begun calling for it.

This is how intention works.

Being intentional is a practice. Sometimes it’s hard to focus this way, but I’m here for it if you could use help. Book sessions as needed.

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