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Posted on 06 February 2020

Earlier this week a client reminded me that in one of our first conversations 3 years ago, I told her “you always have enough”. I’m pretty sure I asked her first if there was ever a time she didn’t have enough and she told me no, so, I asked her to lean into that and set aside her fear. At that time she was nervous about work drying up, and her behavior reflected the anxiety. When she calmed herself, remembered that she’s always had enough, and lived from that truth, she created the space for it to be. Truly, in the last 3 years, she’s had plenty of work – it did not dry up, it did not go away, it did not pass her up for someone younger as she feared. This year, in fact she’s passing up work in favor or travel time with her family and that is such a thrill!

I love the relationships I build with my clients. I love watching their stories unfold. I love celebrating the good that is in their lives and expanding the space for more.

From my point of view, our lives should get better and better. We don’t get to choose necessarily HOW they get better, but we do get to ask for and receive more of what lights us up, brings us joy and expands us. To have that greater expansion, joy and light, we have to be people who are willing to be expanded, joyful and light.

In coaching session, that’s where we go — into what you’re struggling with, to reality check our thoughts, beliefs and postures. On your own sometimes that’s hard, but together in the space of session work, it can be so easy.

If this year, you’d like to add a coach to your support team, reach out! I’d love to work with you.

A single session is $150.
Recurring monthly sessions are $125/month.
Or a package of 4 sessions is $497.

My client calendar is HERE.

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