This year, nurture your growth with lots of support.

Posted on 08 January 2020

What are you poised to create this year?

What are you growing into being next?

The process of growth is continual.

Life invites you to become more in every phase of your experience.

Maybe this year Life will propel you into more leadership skills, more tenderness and compassion with others, or more self-love…

Maybe you are expanding into something so new you don’t have words for it yet.

How kind can you be to yourself through it all?

Growth can feel exhilarating. 
It can also at times feel painful.

Give yourself support. Book some sessions.

Coaching sessions give you
the space to hear yourself, 
the space to acknowledge your challenges and the space to feel into the next steps and next possibilities.

When you’re fully supported growth unfolds with far greater ease.

I’ve got a few openings for new clients this year. Would you like to work with me?

New clients can schedule a free consultation HERE.

Or simply dive into my CLIENT CALENDAR with gusto.

Sessions are $150 for a single session, or 4 for $497.

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