Summer of Creation



What if you could create MORE in the realm of FUN, MONEY and LOVE this summer?

You are the creator of your life, after all!  In how many ways could you let MORE show up for you?

Want to play?


Join me for this 10 week series and expand your energetic awareness and creative capacities. This is a consciousness class.  A grand experiment.  A creation lab.


Our weekly and daily practices will include:

  • Asking questions
  • Opening, expanding and receiving
  • Acknowledging all miracles (and all of your capacities!)

In essence, this class is an invitation to choose MORE and to own your power to create — consciously, playfully and powerfully.


Got any upper limits or ceilings to FUN and joy?

Got any judgments about MONEY?

Got any walls or barriers that keep you from LOVING as you actually love to love?


We’re going to playfully energize these three areas of our lives: FUN, MONEY, and LOVE.

Maybe you’ve been trying to get a promotion, feeling lonely and isolated, struggling to get ahead of your bills, or maybe you’ve just been feeling LESS than creative and a little lackluster in passion.  Instead of trying so hard, do less and receive more with  me this summer.  Play with energy.  Be the magical wizard you are.


This class is not about doing anything right. It’s about flowing and following the energy, about asking questions and being more curious, about receiving and receiving and receiving.

You may think you need to be in control in order to create.  Actually, in this class I’ll invite you to be out of control, out of judgment, out of expectation, and out of linear time.  You can’t force miracles.  You can invite them.  You can have them.  You can receive them.

Let’s play!

What You'll Receive

  • 10 weekly interactive tele-conference calls.  We’ll meet every Monday at 8am PST.  Be there live OR submit your questions beforehand and tune in afterwards by recording.  All calls will be available via .mp3 recording the same day.
  • Weekly creation assignments.  These include practice with pragmatic tools, coaching, and energy clearings, including many tools of Access Consciousness®.
  • A community to play with.  Allow us to to delight in you, cheer you on, and expand the field of possibilities with you.

Here are the details


This class began June 20 and met every Monday through August 22.





“I sign up for all of Jessica’s classes because the wisdom that she brings in each of her classes is unique to the class, to the participants, and to the work she is doing outside of class, her own continuous learning. I so appreciate that!! She shares what she learns and no class she teaches is on repeat its fresh and I’ve been working with her for over four years and have grown exponentially in those years than the 30+ before.” – Erica


“I have felt great physically emotional releases since this class and have been experiencing a very curious higher spiritual vision that I’ve never felt before… I am so used to the unknown scaring me back into my old habit patterns which keep me anxious, depressed and lethargic but this new way feels so LIGHT I have to explore it!! This series gave me faith; faith in myself, faith to be who I am; faith that love will win over fear because love is light and fear is heavy. Love is true and fear is false. I feel like this awareness of self and ability to finally work on releasing my old fears has opened my life up to new creative heights and endless spiritual potential for enlightenment! I feel free <3″ – Ariel


“Before this class I was easily swept up in the worries and concerns of my day to day “stuff” and now I am much more able to not give that so much energy and attention, but rather to tune into my heart to recognize what I can or should do, and then let go in peace and trust. It’s a wonderful thing, and I am truly grateful for the tools that I’ve learned here.” – Sharon



The most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION I receive is something like this: My schedule conflicts with the calls.  Will I get as much out of the class if I am just listening to the recordings?

My answer is an enthusiastic: Yes!  Your commitment and participation is what matters.  If you don’t make the calls live, you are still invited to listen to the recording, take on the home-play, send in your questions, and share on the Facebook page.   It’s all as potent as you want it to be!

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