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Posted on 19 July 2023

I love being a life coach! It’s never dull…

Tracy hired me when she was almost sure she wanted to leave her current job and move on to a different kind of position. First we coached through her decision to leave, then we coached through the weeks of interviewing for new jobs – clarifying her motivations, intentions, and mindset. We processed what happened in each interview, mining the gold of every experience, and using each interview to boost her confidence. Then we talked though the offers as they came in, because she had several to choose from. When she did land that new position, her salary was $30,000 higher that she’d even been hoping for when she started looking, and she was proud and amazed at how much she’d grown.

Tom has worked with me off and on for years, seeking coaching around his business and family. This year he hired me again for a series of sessions because a few years after divorce he felt ready to date and he wanted to be clear and intentional so as not to repeat past relationship patterns. First we clarified what he was looking for in a relationship, and how he wanted to be in the dating process. Then week by week we debriefed his dates, exploring what he noticed inside of himself with each experience, and continually returning to his intentions for this relationship. After several months he was ready to stop dating and began to build a new relationship with a woman who is very different from the women he’s dated before. Their connection is so healthy and conscious, we’re both excited for him!

Caitlin hired me in the midst of a lot of tension in her business partnership. The cross currents were so confusing, she needed a place to sort it all out. While willing to take responsibility for her role in creating the conflicts, she also wanted to unravel what was hers to change and what wasn’t. A few months into coaching she began to see with a clean conscience how the partnership was no longer viable or healthy and to give herself permission to look for a way out. We coached all the way through the legalities of dissolving the partnership, the buyout that ensued, and then we began another round of coaching about the new business she was ready to build solo.

Laura uses her coaching sessions to talk about co-parenting decisions with her ex, the healthy new relationship she is creating with new boyfriend, and the choices she and her siblings are facing about the care of her elderly parents. She sorts through her thoughts and feelings before setting clear boundaries and making choices that impact her whole family. In between these issues of life she also talks to me about what’s happening in her professional life, including interoffice politics and the new responsibilities her boss is asking her to take on. Though she is extremely busy, she shows up for weekly coaching sessions because they keep her steady.

These are just a few of the clients I get to work with! They choose coaching because regular sessions keep them aligned, clear, and above the fray, so they can show as the version of themselves they want to be.

If you could use the support that coaching offers, I’m here for it. Book a consultation and tell me what you’re going though in you life right now, and what you want to create next.

The life you want is possible… reach for it.

Know someone who could use a life coach? Send them my way. If someone you refer to me purchases a coaching package, you’ll receive a free session as a thank you!

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