Do you hear the same words coming out of your mouth over and over like you’re in Groundhog’s Day?
Do you feel repeatedly stuck — different characters, different place, same story?

If so, stop and revise the script!

Your stories — the language you use, the details you emphasize, and the role you cast yourself in — shape your view and create a self-perpetuating tone.

You can talk about what’s wrong.
You can cast yourself as a failure or a victim.
You can emphasize things you don’t want more of…

Or you can use the words and stories of your life to create something greater.
You speak your world into existence.

Change your story. Change your life.

Join me for a month long Story Workshop to rewrite your stories and your scripts. Update your premises, clean up your language, and revise your narratives to create a new reality.


In this class you will…

√ Take stock of the stories you’ve made solid and real in your life. Which ones serve you? Which ones don’t?
√ Evaluate the premises of your reality. What underlines all your plot lines and shapes how you interpret your world? It may be time to update some core beliefs.
√ Clean up your language. Align your words with the energy you’d like to embody.
√ Revise and retell. Experiment with new narratives. Craft stories that feel true to you and that expand you.
√ Generate a different response about the world, and notice that it creates a different response from the world.

WARNING: You may also become far more optimistic, compassionate and confident as you do this work. 😉


Join and receive…

* A LIVE LAUNCH CALL (Friday, October 4 at 5pm Pacific)
* 4 LIVE WORKSHOP CLASSES (each Tuesday night in October at 7pm Pacific)
* The audio and video recordings of each class to keep.
* Weekly assignments to support your work.
* A private FACEBOOK GROUP for community accountability, inspiration, and shares.

We meet on Zoom (join with video and/or audio). All classes are recorded and available for you within a few hours.
Each class also includes time for Story Feedback. You share a story, I’ll tell you what I’m hearing. Together, we’ll revise your stories and scripts in a way that feels true and authentic to you.





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