Stop staring at your problems… find your joy instead.

Posted on 14 November 2023

If you’ve been staring at your ‘problems’ give them a break. Turn just slightly. Broaden your gaze.

Is there beauty around you? What else can you give your attention to?

Shift your focus and something new can now unfold.

I have so many client stories I could tell you about how this works!

What I know is this: nothing is so stuck that it can’t and won’t become something different.  Have an intention towards change and resolution, and it will show up.

You don’t have to make it happen or overly meddle with the situations of your life to force the change.

Your biggest job, actually, is to shift your own state of being — unstick yourself!

The energy from which you approach even thinking about your problems matters.

Loosen up and you’ll see more.

Relax and you just might have a spontaneous idea for an inspired solution.

Give them some space and your biggest challenges may very well resolve on their own.

Take a hike.

Dive into a hobby.

Hang out with friends.

Put away your self-help books and read a novel instead.

Find your joy.

I know you might be afraid of procrastinating. You think it’s all on you and you’re already late in finding a solution.

But truly, there are many times you make your problems worse by being too engaged in them.

You know those times.

When you find yourself there, come talk to me. A series of coaching sessions focused on your joy and inspiration can unlock a lot of gridlock in your world.

So much more is possible from there.

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