Soul to Soul Connection

Posted on 17 September 2014

Hey, Friends!  How much authentic, life-enhancing connection are you feeling with others in your life?

As human beings, we most commonly create connection with each other through shared human to human experience.  We work together, we play together, we walk each other through hard times and celebrate the good!  Throw in a good dose of fights and forgiveness, and our bond of connection and trust grows even stronger.  We find what we have in common, and allow our differences to be complementary (or at least tolerable). If we’re daring, we choose to live together!! Human to human, with time and patience, we create deep and fulfilling relationships that meet our emotional needs and help us to grow.

Blessings on these very human relationships that enrich our lives.

And yet, have you ever met someone and felt an immediate sense of connection that had no logical explanation?  Maybe you looked someone in the eye and had a flash of recognition that had nothing to do with shared history or commonality.

That’s a soul connection!  And the more we wake up to the truth that we are souls in human bodies, the more we can cultivate connection on THIS level!

Soul to soul connection by-passes time and testing, and allows for an even deeper truth to exist between us. In this realm, there is nothing I have to know about you to see your beauty. There is nothing I have to share with you to experience deep love. There is no prejudice to drop or judgment to overcome. I don’t need you to meet my needs, teach me or rescue me. On the level of the soul I know my wholeness, and I know yours as well. Soul to soul, we connect as One.

Today, practice seeing souls everywhere you go!

(Note: I’m reading Gary Zukav’s book Spiritual Partnership. It’s all about this topic! Pick it up if it interests you!)

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