Some people complain, others appreciate.

Posted on 16 May 2019

Quick tool — ask yourself, “what reality am I choosing right now?”

Is it a reality of joy or lack? Cheerfulness or grumpiness? Having or not having?

Already today I’ve talked to three clients who opened their conversation with me with a celebration of the rain we’re getting in LA today. “It’s beautiful.” “It feels so soft and sweet this morning”. “I like this rain.”

They could have also led with a complaint about rain in May, or grumbling that it’s been a while since we had a warm and sunny day. That was the conversation that filled the room at my pilates class last night. It set a very different tone.

Get this? You can approach anything as a gift or a wrongness. Your choice. Your reality.

What reality are YOU in?

There are MANY realities operating simultaneously in your vicinity. The person next to you could be in a reality of wrongness, blame and shame. The person across the aisle from you could be in a reality of gratitude and appreciation for the little things going right. These two people will have very different days, based on what they are choosing to perceive. They might experience the same events, but they’ll experience them differently! And life will create with them according to the tone THEY are setting.

You’ve got that choice too. Catch yourself when you’re in a reality of lack, or poverty, or victimhood.

Rise up. Choose again.

This takes practice. If you want to get better at pivoting out of a low vibe into a creative vibe, you can! You can get REALLY good at that and your whole life will change accordingly.

Put up a sticky note — What reality am I in? Catch yourself at choice points. Shift your focus, your attitude and/or your attention and change your experience.

And if you want a partner in that, I’m here! Book a session or take a class with me. We grow better together.


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