Some part of you is prepared for this…

Posted on 19 March 2020

I really think I’d be a good scavenger/hunter/gatherer for supplies in times of apocalypse. A part of me wants to be out scouting each day to see what stores are open and what supplies are available and then come back to my village to report. Like ‘The Walking Dead’ kind of survival mode — I got that within me.⁣ How about you?

But — deep breath — considering that it’s just me and my cat that I’m looking out for, I’m reining this part in.⁣

I’ve got other skills that are actually more relevant right now.⁣

They’re softer skills of energy and consciousness, asking questions, and choosing from within. In immediate fear and panic mode, these skills seem less relevant, but actually they aren’t.⁣

I know how to create space to acknowledge my fear, be kind with it… and not give up power to it.⁣

I know how to create space for possibility by asking questions that open my awareness, instead of trying to solve immediate problems from contraction and low vibes.⁣

I know how to generate new realities and how to be with other realities without conflict or resistance.⁣

What do you know?⁣

What have you practiced in other times of your life that you’d do good to remember and bring to the forefront now?⁣

I KNOW you’ve got some inner strengths that will resource you through these days…⁣

Take an inner inventory and tell me what you find.⁣

You’re more prepared for this than you think.

I can easily create the space of ‘no fear’ with you. I can sit with you, even in a pandemic, and help you access possibilities and generate realities that work better for you and everyone else too.⁣ If you could use some of that, I’ve got it in spades. Reach out and book some sessions.⁣

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