Solutions don’t come when you’re staring at the problem

Posted on 23 March 2023

I know how easy it is to get micro-focused on what isn’t working well. Your problems will suck all your attention if you let them.

Yet, if your focus is locked on your problems, you won’t see solutions.

You can stare at what isn’t working, talk about it, chew on it, rage at it… but do that too much or too often, and the problem will become more entrenched in your psyche and harder to change.

Don’t set any problem in stone.

Give it some space and expand your focus.

Lift your gaze to lift your spirit.

Notice the bigger picture.
Notice what is working.
Notice what is flowing.
Remember what’s true about you and real beyond the issue.

Receive from that.

Little things can take you higher — music, a moment of laughter, a coffee break, some exercise, two minutes to write a gratitude list.

Get up from your desk more often. Take a few extra minutes to have a pleasant exchange with someone.

Or maybe you need a bit more space and distance. Give your mind a break from problem solving for a day or two.

You’ll see your problems differently when your focus has expanded. You won’t be stuck in the stuck points.

You are big enough, smart enough, and aware enough to meet even the most difficult situations in your life with creativity and power. A small tweak here or there can unlock just about anything. No problem should be seen as bigger than you.

P.S. Struggling to rise above your problems or access a bigger space of possibility? Let me help! Book a free consultation if we’ve never worked together before, or if we have, access my client calendar here.

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