Soft serve with sprinkles is a small thing, but it’s part of my choice to BE joy…

Posted on 10 January 2019

What energy can you BE in your life this year that will create more for you?

Yesterday I treated myself to soft-serve with colored sprinkles in the middle of the afternoon because the was a match to the energy I’m choosing to BE and to have more of — JOY!

I didn’t plan on that sweet treat — it popped up as a possibility and I choose it.

That’s me following the energy. 

I am interested in JOY.  I’m choosing to BE the energy of JOY.  And as I embody joy, I naturally perceive the possibilities that will generate more joy.

THAT’S what had me choosing soft serve with sprinkles.

What energy can you BE that will create more for you?

That’s January’s Question of the Month that I’ve posted on my Facebook business page. Ask that question with me all month long and see what it creates for you.

Also, if this is the year you’d like to practice following the energy, acknowledging your awareness, asking questions, and choosing with consciousness, take a class with me.

Alignment, a daily practice class begins Saturday. Body and Money, a ten week series begins on January 22. And if you want to book a package of new year-new you sessions, choose it!  I’m here, and a series of sessions all about who you are BEING in your world just might be the best investment you could make in you.

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