It’s okay to slow down…

Posted on 06 November 2013

Last week I cleared my schedule so that I could go trick-or-treating with my nieces, Princess Ariel and Little Red Riding Hood. I enjoyed the entire evening — the throngs of kids in costume, time with two of my favorite girls, and the chance to dress up in costume (I was a black cat!). Spending the evening with them in this tradition of going door-to-door for brief encounters of trust and friendliness with the neighbors was sweet. Growing up in Alaska, we didn’t really trick-or-treat. It was too cold!

I like how holidays interrupt the regular routine. I like what holidays bring out in me. My playful feline energy came out this Halloween. At Thanksgiving, I’ll be cooking up a storm and playing hostess to a passel of friends. At Christmas, I get to be especially generous and thoughtful as a gift-giver. Those are traditions I have annually honored for years, and that are as meaningful as I allow them to be. The more present I am within the tradition, the more I receive from the celebration.

You may honor different holidays or celebrate in different ways than me, and I delight in that as well.  Consider the purpose of your traditions.  Consider how you want to show up within them.

The next few months of the winter and holiday season the light changes, the nights grow longer and if you’re in tune with that, something within you shifts as well. Notice that in the winter months, your creative energy may be slower and deeper. It may be more mindful or more introspective.

As the winter grows deeper, I feel the call to turn inward even more. The darker months are months to pause and reflect. To be still and sustained by all that has come before. Now is the time to honor what you’ve created in spring, summer and fall. Let yourself appreciate what is present in your life now, and observe what new parts of you want to express next.

Letting yourself be in tune with the rhythm of the season allows for a natural restoration of your energy. It’s okay for the speed of your life to change this season. It’s okay to feel ebbs and flow in energy and movement. And it’s certainly okay to let new aspects of yourself emerge, and to hear the inner voice of your spirit whispering new wisdom.

I have three new offerings designed with the season of winter in mind. They’re each invitations to slow down and listen to your own inner wisdom.  I welcome you to join me in the desert for a retreat weekend, on the phone for a daily practice class, or in the unified field of an online spiritual community.

I honor your path and bless your presence.


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