Sessions Are For You

Posted on 10 July 2019

Sessions are for you. They’re your place to lay it all out. What’s in your head? What are you believing? What are you thinking? What story are you telling? And is it even true?

I’ll ask you questions and listen deeply. Together we’ll follow the energy.

Where might you be pushing too hard?
Where are you controlling what isn’t yours to control?
Where can you speak up?
Where can you let go?

Sometimes you need someone with you, not getting lost in the story or the feelings, helping you see it all with more objectivity. You can climb to the balcony to view your choices from a broader and bigger perspective — in fact you can get really good at doing that! — but, sometimes it hard to make it up there on your own. That’s why you talk it out with me.

I love this work! What we create together when we take the high view, always excites ms.

You can give up the struggle.
You can transform the problem.
You can find the wisdom and the energy inside of you to take action.
You can stop judging yourself (or others).
You can set a new tone that shifts everything.

That’s what sessions give you – the remembrance that you can and the energy to do it.


Start with a 4 SESSION SERIES

4 / 60 min phone sessions


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