When you’re repelling instead of attracting…

Posted on 28 June 2023

I like asking people what they are wanting in their life next.  

What do you want more of?

What is your heart’s desires?

What gets you excited and lit up when you feel into your future? 

It’s healthy to have wants, needs and desires. It’s part of being awake and alive!

Our dreams and desires grow us.

What’s tricky is HOW to have them.

How do I want what I want and attract it to me instead of repelling it with my desperate wanting of it?

You know how you can want something so much that you fixate on it but don’t attract it?

If in your impatience, you can’t stop thinking and talking about how you DON’T have what you want yet, you’ll stay stuck in that state. 

Or if your intense desire is generating stress or pressure, you’ll inadvertently repel what you’re trying to attract.

It’s also possible to have so many limiting and conflicting thoughts about how you CAN’T have what you want that there is no way it can manifest.

Anything you can raise your hand to here?

The thing is, when you have desire, without any internal resistance, that state is powerful!!

A desire will change you as you anticipate it being fulfilled. As you grow into the energy of it, it shows up.

This is how manifesting works. You attract what you are an energetic match to, and that which you have no resistance to can show up seemingly out of the blue.

When you are open, eager, and hopeful, that’s attractive.

When you feel the feeling of the desire fulfilled even before it shows up, that’s  attractive.

When you are grateful and satisfied as you perceive the future, your manifestations arrive with far greater ease.

All of this is simple, but sometimes you need support getting there. Turn up your attracting power in coaching sessions with me, or join July’s Manifesting mini-course and workshop your desires with a group of cool people on the journey with you.

Inner shifts create outer changes.

If any of those three questions at the top of this email help you clarify your current desires, email me back and tell me about it. I’ll happily hold the visio

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