Remain steady in times of chaos

Posted on 12 March 2020

How I meet anything dictates what it becomes for me:

When I greet something with fear, I experience it as trauma.
When I greet something with resistance, I lock myself in conflict.
When I greet something with curiosity, I learn from it.
When I greet something with an open heart, I co-create with it.

How are you greeting this unprecedented experience of the Coronavirus?

I don’t have any simple answers about how to be with it. But, I do know that there’s a place within me that can meet all kinds of chaos with a steady calm.

I’m finding that place inside me of… on the daily.

I remind myself that if I get sick, I’ll walk through it.
If my finances are impacted, I’ll walk through it.
If I need to stay home for weeks, I’ll walk through it.
If I run out of toilet paper, I’ll live.

I can greet each day with curiosity, wonder, and an open heart. I can be a good neighbor. I can receive information from the outside world. I can hear what is true for me on the inside. I can wash my hands, take care of my body, and be compassionate with any fear that arises.

What are your practices to steady yourself?
What helps you live from your center?

Whatever it is, choose that. It’s as important as washing your hands.

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