Relax, Center, Soften

Posted on 13 March 2020


I’m saying this over and over to myself and to my clients.

I don’t want to give anyone platitudes.
I do want to reassure you…

You can be present with this.
There is a stillness within you that will resource you.
When you tune into that, things on the outside are far easier to respond to.

Over the past five days I’ve had both long and short sessions with business owners, leaders, board members, parents and individuals… everyone facing this strange new world of a pandemic with a sense of responsibility for the choices they are being asked to make.

This is intense.

Over and over, I remind my clients…

Instead of choosing from fear, walk yourself back to center first.

Instead of spiraling out in all kinds of worse case scenarios, find that space within you that remembers and trust in possibility. From there you’ll see more, know more, and create more.

There isn’t a formula for this… it’s feeling work. It requires compassion. And it’s rich.

If you need help with this, reach out for a session.

I’m here for you.

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