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How is your relationship with your Mom?

Do you still revert to being 12 (or 7 or 5 or 2) when Mom begins questioning you?  Do you bristle when she uses that particular tone, or shrink when she says that one thing she always says? Do you avoid her calls?  Keep her at arms length?  Hide your life from her?

How many old patterns are shaping your current relationship?

Or maybe you and Mom get along fine.  Maybe your relationship is great, and yet you know it could be better.


If ANY part of your relationship with your Mom is not working for you (or her!), I invite you to create a new reality.


How do you do it?  Join me for this six week Relationship Remodel and find out.


Our relationship with our Mom is a BIG one for all of us!  How has it shaped your life?  How has it influenced how you relate to other people in your world — your mother-in-law, your grandmother(s), women who love you, nurture you, or are the boss of you?

In this Relationship Remodel, we’ll reset everything!


From here on out, bring all of yourself to your relationship with your Mom.

  • Drop your judgments
  • Invite new awareness
  • Show up fully
  • Contribute and let her contribute
  • Create a relationship BEYOND the past, BEYOND family patterns, BEYOND what you’ve each thought possible

Own it, transform it, change it.

… with no intention of changing your Mom or being anything other than who you are.


What you'll receive...

4 interactive tele-calls, 2 .mp3 clearing loops, a community to play with and assignments to take right into your life.

This Relationship Remodel is an internal project that will change your dynamics with Mom in ways you couldn’t imagine.  It requires your willingness to be responsible and committed.  I’ll guide you, support you and cheer you on.  You’ll do the inner work.


Here’s the blueprint for our project:

Class 1:  Who is my Mom (that I haven’t acknowledged)?

Get curious about the points of view you’ve used to define your Mom.  How true are they?  Who is she really?  Move beyond judgment and get to know her now.

Class 2 ~ Who am I (that I haven’t let my Mom know)? 

Examine yourself.  Are you being YOU with your Mom?  Or are you being the child she wants, the rebel to her cause, the challenge to her reality?  Choose beyond that and let go of your patterns.  Step into authenticity and truth.

Class 3  ~ What can this relationship with my Mother contribute to me (that I haven’t allowed before)? 

Lower the barriers even more and receive everything your Mother gives you.  You don’t have to agree or disagree.  Simply receive her, receive your relationship, and notice what is created in the kind space of allowance.

Class 4 ~ What else is possible? What can I create with Mom next? 

Create a new future with your Mom by making new energetic choices.  When you show up differently, something new gets created.  In our final week we’ll tune into an expansive future that’s beyond what you would have previously imagined.


Each call is 60 interactive minutes by phone with energetic clearings and processes, including many tools of Access Consciousness®.  Here is your opportunity to receive powerful coaching + pragmatic tools of consciousness.  Be there live OR submit your questions beforehand and tune in afterwards by recording.  All calls will be available via .mp3 recording the same evening.



Here are the details(1)

Our Relationship Remodel is an 7 week experiential journey with live calls every 2 weeks (all of which will be recorded and available for downloading afterwards).

We meet every other week so you have time to integrate the clearings and practice a new way of being.  On each call, hear what your class community has learned, report in on what has shifted, and receive your next assignment.  We meet on the following dates:

Thursday, March 24 at 7pm PST

Wednesday, April 6 at 7pm PST

Wednesday, April 20 at 7pm PST

Thursday, May 5 at 7pm PST





NOTE: If you can’t make our call times, yet you are committed to this program, sign up anyway! You can send in your questions ahead of time, and I’ll do my best to answer you on our calls.

And how you do you know if this class is for you?  You tune in and ask!  If it feels spacious and light to you, sign up!  Create a new future with us, even as you create more space in your relationship with Mom.


Mother’s Day this year is May 8, right at the end of our Relationship Remodel.  How fun! What will we create by then?

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