When you’re ready to say enough is enough

Posted on 05 April 2022

I love when brand new clients, especially those who have never worked with a coach before, choose to invest in coaching. Typically they are a little nervous to work with me, but fed up enough with something in their life that they’re willing to be bold.  Hiring me is a big statement to themselves that they’re making a change.

On some level of their being by committing to a series of sessions they’re saying, “I’m important. This issue is important. I’m willing to change it. I believe things can get better.”

That might not be fully integrated into their self talk, but it’s there within them. And that’s our starting point.

When you begin, even just a little, to believe that you matter, your happiness matters, your life matters, and that things can get better, then things CAN get better. 

Your relationships, your job, your schedule, your finances, your life — all of it should work for you. Your life should suit you. If some aspect of your life doesn’t — if it drains you, is full of chronic problems, insults your spirit, or feels like a compromise of who you actually are — that isn’t healthy. And you can change that.

Everything can be changed.
Everything can be transformed into something that suits you better.

Sometimes it changes through tiny tweaks. Sometimes through radical overhauls. Sometimes from walking away and starting anew. But first it starts with you saying, “Enough. I’m changing this.” 

From that inner declaration a whole new set of possibilities emerge. From there you can examine how and why and who you’re being, and you can choose differently.

It’s work to change — both inner and outer — but it’s work that pays off In fulfillment, satisfaction and joy.

Is that you?

Are you feeling enough dissatisfaction or frustration to stop and center yourself on what really matters to you?

If so, I’m here for you. Book a free consultation. Tell me what’s not working for you, what you want instead, and what you feel is holding you back. I’ll offer you my full presence, everything I’ve learned from coaching so many others before you, and my full faith that you can have what you desire.

More is possible. It starts with believing that.


P.S.  Would your life and relationships change if you were less reactive and more centered? Come join this spring’s class offering: First, Get Centered, and practice finding your center before you take action.  We start next week!  Read more and register here.

P.S.S. Are you a former client, ready for another deep dive, schedule more sessions here.

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