Questions for year end reflection

Posted on 29 December 2021

I love these days between the Christmas and New Years. I like that it’s chilly. I like lighting candles in the evening. I like creating coziness on dark nights and reflecting. What was this year for me?

I’ve also been doing end of year sessions with clients, and reflecting with them. It’s rich to look back and acknowledge what we’ve lived through. By acknowledge I mean give it all a nod and show it some respect. Appreciate. Grieve. Celebrate. Reassess. Acknowledging gives us a broad view and softens our gaze in such a way that we can sense patterns and trajectories, themes and lessons. It helps us see what’s emerging and how we’re growing, and lead us towards what we’re called to next.

Here are questions you can sit with — with your journal or a beloved:

  • What did you experience in the last year that was hard and challenging? Did you live through some difficulties? Did you have times of the year in which Life took you to your knees? What did these challenges teach you? Did they crack you open and make you more tender? Did they forge new resiliency in you? Are you stronger now or perhaps still healing?
  • Where was the joy in your year? Can you recall moments of satisfaction and happiness? Who was present? What filled you and delighted you? Where did you create space for play and adventure? What nourished you at the level of heart and soul? What do you want more of?
  • Where did your energy and attention go? To whom did it go? What was asked of you? Did your priorities match your values? f you had a re-do what might you have chosen instead?
  • In what areas are you more confident? In what areas are you more humble? Are you becoming a person you like to be?
  • When you feel into the wisest parts of you, what do they tell you about the path forward? What are you longing for? What are your heart’s desires? What new possibilities do you see? Who do you want to become next?

Instead of making New Year’s goals or resolutions, aim for something a little softer, with more room for the unexpected – a word or theme that encapsulates a deep intention.

When you have yours, find ways to anchor it in your consciousness. Perhaps with a piece of jewelry, a playlist, a write up in the front page of a new journal — or share it with me and let it be the foundation of our work together this year.

I wish you warmth and comfort as you end this year. May you feel at peace with what has been and who you have become.


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