Presence and Potency

How aware are you in the middle of the day?
Are you present when the action of your day is in full swing?

What if you paused, asked questions, noticed what you could create with the energies at play around you, and pulled energy for your creations?

How potent and present would you then be?

In a typical day you may be so in action and routine that you forget you have choices.  You may be on auto-pilot.  You might actually be unconscious much of the time.

What if you weren’t?

Consciousness is always a choice, and making the choice is also a practice.

Join me and practice!


We’ll meet every day at 12pm PST for a 15-20 minute practice.

With me, you’ll ask questions.  What is happening here?  What can I do with it?  What choice do I have here that I haven’t been seeing?

You’ll acknowledge your awareness.  You’ll know what you know.

You’ll turn it all up!  You’ll SHOW UP with potency! You’ll BE YOU in your day.

You’ll direct the energy flows.  You’ll receive the energy you require, you’ll pull energy to create, and you’ll flow energy to anyone who is pulling on you.

Does that excite you?  We’ll do this each day!

what you'll receive

√ Facebook live videos every day at 12pm Pacific. 

Meet me for a 15 to 20 minute dive into questions, choices and possibilities.  We’ll lower our walls/barriers, ask questions, and pull energy.  (Recorded for those who can’t make this time.  You can always catch the video later in the day!)

√ Practical tools and energetic practices to integrate into your daily life. 

√ A playful community of bright and potent beings sharing their experience with you!

Here are the details

This series runs August 1 – 21.




If you’re not a Facebook user, this series isn’t for you.  Check out the upcoming book club, Bars class, or book one-on-one sessions instead. 🙂

What participants say….

“Jessica is amazing and if you are wondering how I have created so much unbelievable magic in my life, well this woman and her coaching have definitely added & opened the doors to opportunity! She has been a significant contribution in me learning to take responsibility for what I am creating in my life and this world. These are not small things. The work is fun, joyful, and creative. If you’re stuck with some point in your life – relationships, fun, money love, being present, manifesting… whatever it is, this woman can definitely bring it on.” – Corrie, Global Traveler + Yoga Therapist

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