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Rock the Shock Free CallThis post-election season has been marked by a great deal of uncertainty, fear and anger for many people.  The energy it’s created have been like shock waves in many people’s systems.  It’s chaotic. It’s emotional!  it’s a little bit crazy, isn’t it?  Okay, then. Let’s use it!

Let’s take the momentum of this election and use it to create something different in our lives and in our world.

Beyond fear, beyond anger, beyond despondency or depression … what can you embody in your world now?

Would you be willing to use these uncertain times to create positive change?

Are you wiling to BE something different in the world?

Come have a conversation with me about change and creation.  Let’s lighten up, expand awareness and turn up our potency together.

Join me for a FREE group call Tuesday, November 29 at 8pm PST. We’ll talk possibility, we’ll choose to play with different energies (other than despair, judgment or fear!) and we’ll ask generative questions together.

This is your world.  It’s your life.  It’s your to create.

Now, what else is possible?

Register here:

Note: All registered participants will receive a link to the recording. Follow the link above and fill out the fields. 😉
(FYI: Post Election Energy Shifting Call #1 was a lively call on November 10.  I’m happy to share the recording with you.  Find it HERE.

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