A Post Election Energy Shifting Call

Posted on 10 November 2016

Hey, Friends!post election call-1

The Election is over, and for some of you the after-math feels like an emotional hangover or a bad dream. What if it didn’t have to be that way? Would you be willing to lighten up?

Join me for a FREE group call Thursday, Nov 10 at 8pm PST. We’ll talk possibility, we’ll choose to play with different energies (other than despair, judgment or fear!) and we’ll ask generative questions together.

This is your nation. This is your reality. It’s YOURS to create.

Now, what else is possible?

NOTE: this call is not a conversation about political parties or positions. It is a call about you, your power, your choice, and the energies available to you to create with regardless of who is President.

Our aim — a greater sense of lightness and possibility. 😉 Because that’s always a choice, and it’s a potent one.

UPDATE:  This call was AWESOME!  If you’d like to receive a copy of the recording, email me at jess@jessicacolp.com

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