Do You Have Your Own Back?

Posted on 10 January 2018

Most of my life I’ve been very aware of what other people need, what they feel, and what they want. I can read other people easily. Can you? It’s a capacity that’s super useful, but I can also use it against myself.

When I take care of everyone else’s needs and don’t even hear the needs of my body…
When I am so aware of other people’s minds, I lose track of my own truth…
When I see through other people’s eyes rather than my own…
When I stop creating what works for me, and let other people’s desires dominate…

None of that is fun. And none of those choices are satisfying or sustainable.

Can you relate?if I had my own back

Try asking this: If I had my own back here, what would I choose?

Would you speak up? Leave? Say yes? Or say no?
Would you keep doing what you’re doing, or would you do something different?

When you don’t exclude you from your life, what else is possible to have, receive, or create?

I invite you to THAT! To knowing what’s true for you and having the presence and potency that IS you.

No more excluding you.
No more betraying you.
No more making someone else’s reality more valid or real than your own.

Want to practice that with me?

The Have Your Own Back Class has been brewing for a while. Details are HERE. We’ll be using the tools of Access Consciousness™, reading a really great guide to creating relationships that work, and getting real about what’s true — for you — in all of your relationships.

Do you realize you’re unstoppable when you HAVE all of you? That’s what having your own back is all about.

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Is it still fire season?

Posted on 6 December 2017

There are currently several fires burning here in Southern California, and for the second time this year, my boyfriend’s home is darn close to the fire path. He’s again gone through the emotional experience of packing up his most valuable possessions and evacuating to my home in a part of LA that is not threatened by fire. Yesterday and today we watched the fire zone maps, following all the fire coverage we can find, watching our friend’s status updates, and generally keeping an eye on the whole scene. It’s intense to watch the hillsides burn and homes go up in flames.

What energy, space and consciousness can we BE when things are ‘hot’ that creates greater ease?

One of the ‘rules’ of our life is “everything is a contribution.” Even the things that can feel like trauma or drama, can contribute more — when we are open to receive.

What can he receive from the experience of this fire? Can the fire contribute to his life? Can this experience create a greater future? Yes, yes, yes.

Bryan has gotten to evaluate what’s important to him in his life — twice.
So many people have reached out to check on him — it’s a huge acknowledgment of how much he is cared for and loved.
His relationship with his neighbors and landlords has grown closer.
His appreciate of his home and connection to the land around him just keeps expanding too.

You may not be in the path of fire this week (if you are, please reach out. I’d love to gift you a session), but whatever IS going on in your life, go ahead and ask: What can this contribute to me? And as you walk through what’s in front of you, ask: What energy, space and consciousness can I be to receive this with ease?

These are a few tools of Access Consciousness. If you’d like more, show up for a class or book a session.  As always, I am grateful you are in my world. Thank you for being you.

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What would life be like if you were great at receiving (from everyone and everything)?

Posted on 26 October 2017

21 days of receiving-2How receptive are you?

Do you trust and open yourself to receive from Life (from people, trees, animals, homes, cars, cities)?  Or do you refuse and reject more often than you receive?

Most people are better at being closed than being open.  But you can be different!

Life is far easier, and more magical, when you’re receiving it.

That’s what we’ll be practicing in this class.

21 Days.  21 guided meditations and class discussions.  We’ll practice lowering walls and barriers, releasing judgment, and expanding into MORE.

Receiving from everyone and everything isn’t hard.  It’s easier with practice, though, and that’s exactly what this class is for.

Come get your daily meditation on with me in November, dare the Universe to surprise you, and make the choice to receive more than ever before.

Class is $100.   It’s recorded every day at 8am Pacific.  You receive all recordings to keep.  Read more and register HERE.

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If changing your life didn’t have to be hard… what would you choose?

Posted on 29 September 2017

How are you doing in that sweet little life of yours? Are you happy with it all or are there some parts you’d like to change?

Take this question and ask it aloud: If changing something in my life didn’t have to be hard, what would I choose?

Was asking that question light for you? Can you perceive how the question opens up new possibilities?

Now, keep asking the question and remember this — your point of view creates your reality. You want big change, soften all your points of view and creation is a lot easier. That’s what my clients do with me. Here’s how it works:

If you want to change your money reality, but your point of view is that finances are hard, you can’t create more money, and only the lottery is going to save you, you’ve just limited what you’ll be able to choose.

If you want to be happy in your relationship, but you’re holding on to a point of view that your partner is wrong, and that they need to change in all the ways you’ve determined, you’re likely to be stay stuck in a gridlock of conflict.

If you want to get your book published, but you view the publishing industry as elitist, agents as elusive, and the velvet cord to success to be solid and real, you’ll likely project that in all your pitches.

Your points of view, my friends, determine what you’re able to perceive, receive, have and be.

So, what do you do? You notice your points of view, and you unfix yourself from them.

You don’t have to take your own viewpoints so seriously. You don’t even have to have set viewpoints. Walk through the world open and curious, and you’ll perceive far more choices.

And that’s when it’s far easier to create entirely new realities.

Now try this question on about any particular area of your life you’d like to change: If I didn’t have any fixed points of view about ______, what could I choose and create instead?

Want help with that? Book a session or sign up for a class (or two or three!).

And, if you are ready to let go of all your solid points of view about money, come join me for ten Mondays to work through the How to Become Workbook by Gary Douglas. What could you change in ten weeks?

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In the middle of the day, how present and potent are you?

Posted on 31 July 2017

Happy Monday!  What’s happened today?

Did you feel rushed or pushed by time?
Did people lean in to you? Or did they resist you?
Did your plans change (maybe more than once)?

These are typical experiences in the course of a day.  Yet, when you’re aware of what’s going on, YOU can choose and create no matter what’s happening.  YOU can direct the energies and even use them to your advantage.

That’s presence and potency.

  • What is this?
  • What can I do with it?
  • Can I change it?
  • How do I change it?
And that’s the invitation of our next daily practice class.  Let’s play!Join me for a three week adventure.Meet me in the MIDDLE of the day (live or by recording)!  I’ll guide you to turn on your potency and step up your presence.  Together we’ll pause, ask questions, use the tools of Access Consciousness™ and direct the energies that are swirling around us.

Questions, clearings, energy pulls and more….!  That’s what we’ll practice.

We start tomorrow, August 1 and meet every day at 12pm PDT (or by recording) for the next three weeks.

Details are here:

Or simply say YES and register.


The class is $149 and includes a 30 min private facilitation session (normally $75) with me.  We’ll even record it so you can re-listen at any time.

How does it get any better than this?  Let’s find out together.

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What works for YOU?

Posted on 26 July 2017

Last weekend I led a retreat for a group of women entrepreneurs.  The theme was conscious leadership and we spent three days together, creating space for each woman to BE conscious, to be aware of the energetic flows of her business (and her life) and to create more of what works for her.

As the ladies on the retreat remembered:IMG_9030

You can quit whatever doesn’t work for you.
You can say whatever you choose to say, however you choose to say it.
You can watch other people make choices without judging or worrying about them.

Whatever creates the most in your world — choose that.

To know what creates the most, be aware.

It’s simple. It’s fun.  And it takes practice.

If your life has gotten boring to you…
If you’re not making the money you need to do what you’d love to do…
if you’re not having fun in bed…

Ask yourself, what am I not choosing here that I could be choosing?

Creating a life that works for you is always possible, and if you’re NOT creating that, you’ve gone unconscious.  Perhaps you putt up walls to your own knowing, or maybe you’re living in such judgment of you (and others) that you can’t perceive what’s really possible or even true. Choose again.

Consciousness is always available, but you do have to choose it.In line in the grocery store.  At that family dinner with your in-laws.  In that meeting with your employees.  In that heated moment in which someone unleashes on you. The more space you give yourself to be aware, the more aware you’ll be.Space for you to know what you know can be created anytime, anyplace.  And, it’s easiest when you’ve been practicing and choosing it.

That’s my choice.  I’m on a mission to create MORE consciousness on the planet.

Practice with me! Book a session or sign up for a class (or two or three!).



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June Special

Posted on 12 June 2017

June Special

I absolutely love one on one sessions with people! Especially when we skip the victim stories and dive in with gusto to change and re-create realities.

It’s so easy to do that with the tools of Access Consciousness™. Questions, clearings, energy pulls, and more…

That’s what I’m offering in these June Special Sessions. Choose your option. Schedule this month. Meet me by phone. And what else is possible?

What could you create in your life with someone on your team, opening doors to possibility with you, and not buying any of your bullshit?

What can we shift, change and create in a quick session? Book one and we’ll ask that together.

15 minutes for $25.
Purchase here:

30 minutes for $50.
Purchase here:


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Is your body an inconvenience or a joy?

Posted on 6 June 2017

Have you denied your body what it has asked for and done it with such vehemence that you now have no idea what it wants?  You can change this.“” – Dr. Dain Heerembodiment

I gotta admit, my body has been one of the most confusing things in my life, so even seeing the title of Dr. Dain Heer’s book Embodiment was exciting to me.  Yes!  What does he know about being embodied?

Turns out, he knows a lot!  And what he shared in this book lit me up.

  • What if having a body was actually a source of joy?
  • What would it take to be so in communion with your body that you knew what it wanted to eat, wear and experience?
  • What are the possibilities of requesting your body to be different instead of trying to judge it into form?
  • What does your body know about healing other people’s bodies?

As I’ve played with these questions and the tools in this book, my relationship with my body has completely changed.

Embodiment, is the subject of this month’s Access Consciousness Book Club that I facilitate virtually.  Care to read it with me?

Over the course of four weeks, we’ll practice the tools in the book and dive deep into the subjects of food, sexualness (and sex!), shape and weight, orgasmic energy, feeling other people’s pain, healing, and so many other topics related to having a body.

We start tomorrow night, June 7 at 6pm PST, and I’d love to have you join us!

Join and receive four weeks of calls, book talk + facilitation, tools, processes and good company. We meet by phone or recording. You can join us from anywhere. Details HERE.

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What does it take to have things fall into place for you (as if by magic)?

Posted on 22 April 2017

What’s going on in your life?  Is it an uphill battle or a walk in the park?

I know you have to go to work, pay your taxes, show up for your family, and be a functional human being.  That doesn’t mean you can’t also live life as if by magic.

Magic is when things unfold with surprising ease.  When you receive more than you thought was possible.  When you barely do anything and everything gets created for you.

Magic requires that you let go of control. It requires that you ask questions and follow the energy.  And to experience magic, you have to grow your capacity to receive.

I’ve got plenty of examples….Magic you are it

Like buying a round trip plane ticket to Rome for $435 last month (great connections, timing, and airlines!) — that was magic.

Getting a room at the hotel I wanted (with free breakfast) despite the fact that it was full — that was magic.

Stopping into my favorite store on a whim last Tuesday and finding five perfectly fitting dresses that I love — that was magic!

And that’s just the small stuff.

I also run my business on magic, but I doubt you’d want to do that!  (wink, wink!)

These ‘magical’ gifts from Life only landed because I had no particular expectation, I had total allowance for everything, and I followed the energy into the experience.

And that, of course, is both a practice and a choice.

I’m sure you have your own stories of magic and ease.  And I’d bet you’re pretty magical when you let yourself be.

Would you be willing to have MORE of that?  More often?  In more areas of your life?

Choose it!

And, if you’d like support in that, join me for an Access Consciousness book club series with the book Magic. You are It. Be It. by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.

Receive four weeks of calls.  Book talk + facilitation. Tools, processes and good company. We meet by phone or recording. You can join us from anywhere. Details HERE.

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Can I teach you how to clear energy?

Posted on 11 March 2017

Do you know how easy it is to clear energy?

You don’t have to smudge sage, burn a violet flame, or call on any particular saint, archangel or deity (though that might be fun for you — and if it is, go for it!).

Clearing energy is as simple as making a choice.

All kinds of energies are going to be in your life.  Heaviness.  Confusion.  A wave of irritation that pops up regularly.  A belief of scarcity that follows you wherever you go.

No problem.

These kinds of energies are held in place by judgments and conclusions.  Yet, they don’t have to be.  You can choose beyond them quickly and easily.

How?  Be aware of the energy.  Question it.  Clear it.5 Days of Clearing

Let me show you how simple that is.

Join me for this month’s class series: 5 Days of Clearing: an Energetic Spring Clean Detox.

In five days we’ll clear old dense energies out of your reality.  We’ll create more space for your body, health, career, passions, and future.  We’ll lighten up so you have far more space to be you!

Doing something every day is a way to create a new habit.  In the five days of this class series we’ll not only clear energy as a group, you will also practice a clearing tool that you can use on your own any time you choose.

Read more and register HERE.

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