When you’re repelling instead of attracting…

Posted on 28 June 2023

I like asking people what they are wanting in their life next.  

What do you want more of?

What is your heart’s desires?

What gets you excited and lit up when you feel into your future? 

It’s healthy to have wants, needs and desires. It’s part of being awake and alive!

Our dreams and desires grow us.

What’s tricky is HOW to have them.

How do I want what I want and attract it to me instead of repelling it with my desperate wanting of it?

You know how you can want something so much that you fixate on it but don’t attract it?

If in your impatience, you can’t stop thinking and talking about how you DON’T have what you want yet, you’ll stay stuck in that state. 

Or if your intense desire is generating stress or pressure, you’ll inadvertently repel what you’re trying to attract.

It’s also possible to have so many limiting and conflicting thoughts about how you CAN’T have what you want that there is no way it can manifest.

Anything you can raise your hand to here?

The thing is, when you have desire, without any internal resistance, that state is powerful!!

A desire will change you as you anticipate it being fulfilled. As you grow into the energy of it, it shows up.

This is how manifesting works. You attract what you are an energetic match to, and that which you have no resistance to can show up seemingly out of the blue.

When you are open, eager, and hopeful, that’s attractive.

When you feel the feeling of the desire fulfilled even before it shows up, that’s  attractive.

When you are grateful and satisfied as you perceive the future, your manifestations arrive with far greater ease.

All of this is simple, but sometimes you need support getting there. Turn up your attracting power in coaching sessions with me, or join July’s Manifesting mini-course and workshop your desires with a group of cool people on the journey with you.

Inner shifts create outer changes.

If any of those three questions at the top of this email help you clarify your current desires, email me back and tell me about it. I’ll happily hold the visio

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You don’t get a roadmap, but you do have an inner GPS.

Posted on 13 June 2023

You are a unique human being. Unique configurations of choices make up your best life.

When something feels good to you, that’s information. Go in the directions that light you up!

When sometime feels heavy, or ill-fitting to who you are, that’s information too. As you can, opt out of those paths.

Choose directions that feel good to your soul!

This Is subtle and nuanced, of course. 

A little gentle curiosity and a good dose of self-honoring helps.

Slowing down enough to notice how you feel and what is landing in to your awareness is crucial.

Life is always moving you. The journey is not about finding the absolute or concrete answers, nor do you get a map that shows you the full road ahead.

Simply seek the next gentle movement, the next opening, the next right action forward.

Let yourself be guided by your inner GPS that does know what paths are a match to you.  It won’t lead you astray.

I haven’t worked with anyone who doesn’t have an inner GPS that they can sense. It isn’t always easy to slow down enough to tune into it though. That’s what sessions are for.

You can work with me as needed or you can work with me in a committed weekly container for big change and transformation. Not sure what you need? Schedule a free consultation with me, and we’ll figure it out together.


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In the story of your life, you’re the one that gives it meaning.

Posted on 31 May 2023

You can’t force your good, but you can receive your life as good.

In the story of your life, you’re the one that gives it meaning.

Change is inevitable. Something new is always emerging — through you and as you.

Your control is limited, but your choice of how to be with everything that comes is endless.

Call it all good.

Marvel at what shows up — even when it’s not what you expected or even wanted.

Open your heart at every stage.

Life is unfolding and carrying you forward, inviting you to grow wiser, richer, and more yourself.

Everything you go through eventually becomes the compost for your next becoming.

Let the hard times forge strength and resilience into your character.

Let the quiet times give you deeper roots and more awareness of your next authentic truths and desires.

And when it’s time to emerge and express more of yourself, do so with wonder at how you have grown and who you have become.

You are a magnificent being, constantly evolving and continually becoming more yourself.

You can’t fail at this.

Just keep saying YES to Life and receive it all as the amazing adventure that it is.

This summer’s coaching program is Emerge. It’s a ten week series with group coaching, weekly assignments, a book to inspire, and a community to support you. We begins Monday, June 5. Come join! Read more and register HERE.


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Even when you can’t see it, Life is working out for you.

Posted on 11 May 2023

Over and over again I remember that what I need is actually here for me.

The ingredients for the life that I want are here.

The people and connections that I need are here.

The inspiration I’m seeking is just a thought away.

It’s a big broad world and the field of Life around me contains it ALL!

If on certain rough days or in certain tense moments, I can’t see that, it doesn’t mean it isn’t so. It’s up to me to open my eyes and soften my resistance such that I can receive. It’s up to me to shift my vision.

So over and over again I remind myself that things ARE working out for me.

More is in place than isn’t in place.

More is happening than I can see.

Very likely, the manifestations I desire are closer than I think.

As I remember that, I change, and then the world I see around me does too.

I know it’s easy to lose faith and hope. It’s easy to get discouraged and tense about what isn’t happening.

But if you pause and notice what IS working for you, you’ll shift your gaze and soften your field such that more that matches that energetic of support and fulfillment lands in for you.

Relax. Breathe. Feel your feelings. And then be grateful.

Beauty is around you.

Kindness is around you.

Life is around you working out in wonderful and mysterious ways. Receive it as such.


P.S. Could you use some re-framing and re-training of your vision and thoughts? That’s what we do in coaching sessions. Add me to your team! I’m here for your big visions, your daily challenges, and everything else that comes up on your manifestation journeys.

If we’ve never worked together before, you’re welcome to book a free consultation. Or, if you’re a current or former client, access my client calendar here.


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When you find yourself miserable, be fully miserable.

Posted on 26 April 2023

The weird thing about misery is how good it can be for you.

Sometimes you have to wake up to how miserable you truly are.

What are you fucking done with? (Excuse the expletive, but a little fire can help!)

Find your passionate “NO MORE! Enough of this!

Root down in it. Receive from it.

Let it become be the rock solid knowing from which you launch yourself.

Let it give you clarity:

I don’t want this ___ anymore.

I can’t stand this ____.

I’m done tolerating this ____.

I refuse to stay in this ___ .

This ____ is misery to me.

Fill in the blank. Give yourself specific and clear knowing of exactly what you’re miserable about. From there comes strength and propulsion.

When you very clearly know what you don’t want, you can very clearly know what you do want. All it takes is a pivot.

You may be practiced in refusing to be miserable, and if so, great! That’s a skill, but it can also keep you tolerating the intolerable for a long time. 

Don’t be afraid to feel misery, just don’t make it your new normal. Don’t let it become your personality — simply catch it when it’s there!

Misery has very important soul-level information for you. It’s the compost for your next era. It’s the jet fuel for your launch into something very different — and better!

You can have what you want to have next. You’ll have to step out of your comfort zone and venture into the unknown to create it, though. Misery is your ally in change and desire. It will prod you out of your comfort zone towards your next becoming. 

Use it!


P.S. Want help talking through your misery? I’m a safe space for that.  I’ll hear it with you, help you use it for all the clarity it offers, and then shift out of it into something better. Bring me in to assist.

If we’ve never worked together before, you’re welcome to book a free consultation. Or, if you’re a current or former client, access my client calendar here.

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What’s your path of least resistance?

Posted on 20 April 2023

Whatever is ahead of you has an invitation in it.  Life is constantly inviting you to grow, expand, and become more. Something is always emerging around you and through you, and life is easier when you say yes to that instead of resisting it.

What’s unfolding may not look the way you think it should. Change rarely does.

Maybe your job is shifting, or your industry is not what it was a decade ago.

Maybe your skill set needs an update, or your boss is asking you to take on new responsibilities.

How do you handle that?

Whatever you are experiencing, I’d invite you to look with curiosity and interest:

What is the path of least resistance forward?

What feels good for me to choose next?

What might be the gift in this, even if it wasn’t what I was asking for?

Sometimes the path of least resistance is going to look like you stepping up and saying yes to something you didn’t think you wanted. You may need to swallow your pride or expand your definition of yourself in order to grow.

Sometimes the path of least resistance will lead you to resign or quit, and let yourself be guided in a completely different direction.

I can’t tell you what it will look like, but I can help you find your path of ease and becoming.

In sessions we slow down and let you find calm in the midst of change. We remember what’s true about you and about life in general. We seek both a grounded perspective and a broader perspective.

Somewhere in that exploration, you feel the next right step for you, then the next and the next — and something new is created that suits you.

One small intuitive knowing at a time, Friend. You’ve got this.

I’d love to be your life coach for life! If we’ve never worked together before, you’re welcome to book a free consultation. Or, if you’re a current or former client, access my client calendar here.

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To get in the flow, surrender

Posted on 10 April 2023

It’s really easy to slip into the default mode of ‘me against the world,’ when you feel unsafe.

Or when your life feels particularly out of control, you can exert a lot of effort fighting what’s happening without even realizing there’s another option.

Fighting and controlling is exhausting.

I recommend a different approach: surrender. Trust that what’s happening is for you, not against you.

The practice of surrender doesn’t make you a door mat or a pushover if you do it with presence and awareness.

Surrendering control allows you get into the flow and let Life carry you forward.

When you’re relaxed enough to feel the flow of Life around you, the experience is sweet and even exhilarating!

You intuitively feel your way forward.

You sense what needs your attention and what doesn’t.

You line up with the world in such a way that timing works out, what you need shows up, and the perfect people coincide with you in perfect timing.

You experience the interconnection and synchronicity of Life and what you desire to experience lands in with ease.

Life in the flow is full of miracles that you’d never see if you were trying to control it.

When you’re in the flow you trust:

Things are working out.
There is a way forward and it is making itself known.
Something is emerging here that can be a win-win-win for all of us.

You do less and receive more
You control less and allow more
You stress less and experience more miracles.

You stop functioning as a doing machine and remember yourself as an inter-connected human being, supported by Life.

I invite you into that state of being more often in your life, as the antidote to stress and tension.

I also invite you to practice that with me in this month’s daily class, In the Flow: a 21 day practice in surrender, ease + miracles. We begin tomorrow.

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Let it be easy

Posted on 3 April 2023

Ever feel stuck? Feel like nothing is moving and like it never will?

I know that feeling.

I also know this — things can seem totally frozen over and completely gridlocked, and then, suddenly, they can shift and move.

Everything can turn around in a day, even if nothing on the surface was indicating that was about to happen.

You can have problems this morning that are solved by this evening.

You can have conflict at the beginning of the week that resolves by the end.

You can meet the next important person in your life today.

You can receive new information this week that inspires a new direction in your career.

You can have money land in for you that you weren’t expecting.

You can have nothing on your social calendar, and then suddenly receive invitations that excite you.

You can have all kinds of good things happen for you at any moment.

You don’t have to be exceptional for miracles to happen for you, but you often have to soften just a little.

The smallest shift of receptivity within you makes a big difference.

A sigh of relaxation on an exhale can be just enough opening for a shift in alignment to allow something new to show up for you.

A little bit of surrender from your ego can open just enough space for Life to bring you a solution.

It can be easy.

It can be easy.

It can be easy.

It can be easy.

It can be easy.

It can be easy.

Remind yourself.

Look for the path of least resistance.

Trust that there is one.

And LET IT BE easy.

In The Flow: a 21 day practice in surrender, ease + miracles begins Tuesday, April 11. Daily classes are like energy resets, and this one is designed to be a spring clean class for your psyche. When you’re in the flow, Life guides you. Read more and register here: http://www.jessicacolp.com/in-the-flow-class/

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Solutions don’t come when you’re staring at the problem

Posted on 23 March 2023

I know how easy it is to get micro-focused on what isn’t working well. Your problems will suck all your attention if you let them.

Yet, if your focus is locked on your problems, you won’t see solutions.

You can stare at what isn’t working, talk about it, chew on it, rage at it… but do that too much or too often, and the problem will become more entrenched in your psyche and harder to change.

Don’t set any problem in stone.

Give it some space and expand your focus.

Lift your gaze to lift your spirit.

Notice the bigger picture.
Notice what is working.
Notice what is flowing.
Remember what’s true about you and real beyond the issue.

Receive from that.

Little things can take you higher — music, a moment of laughter, a coffee break, some exercise, two minutes to write a gratitude list.

Get up from your desk more often. Take a few extra minutes to have a pleasant exchange with someone.

Or maybe you need a bit more space and distance. Give your mind a break from problem solving for a day or two.

You’ll see your problems differently when your focus has expanded. You won’t be stuck in the stuck points.

You are big enough, smart enough, and aware enough to meet even the most difficult situations in your life with creativity and power. A small tweak here or there can unlock just about anything. No problem should be seen as bigger than you.

P.S. Struggling to rise above your problems or access a bigger space of possibility? Let me help! Book a free consultation if we’ve never worked together before, or if we have, access my client calendar here.

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In the meantime…

Posted on 16 March 2023

Are you in a season that feels uncomfortable?

Maybe you’re in between things.
Maybe you’re waiting for something to happen.
Maybe you’re living through gray or rainy days that feel never ending.

Maybe you’re not where you want to be YET.

If you’re here, it’s not wrong that you’re here.

This may very well be your meantime — the important and necessary space between where you were and where you want to go.

In the meantime, take a breath and look around.

What around you is beautiful?
What around you is full of aliveness?

What can you receive from this slower space and time?

Often the meantime is a healing time, a re-calibrating time, a time in which it looks like nothing is happening, but actually, under the surface, SO MUCH IS HAPPENING.

It’s likely that something is unfolding deep within you that you cannot define or measure or put into words.

It’s also likely that you need to be here because your ‘next’ is still getting created, and it needs a little time.

You could get impatient and antsy in the meantime, but it’d serve you to rest.

Remind yourself:

It’s okay that I’m here.
It’s not wrong that I’m here.
I know where I am going, and I’ll get there when I get there.

If it’s hard to say these things to yourself and believe it, you may need some support and reassurance in your meantime. Instead of getting frustrated, book some sessions. Give yourself the space to process and root deep. Reflect on what’s here and ready yourself for what’s next.

You will move forward when it’s time. It’s inevitable.

P.S. If you’re in a season of life in which you could use support and reassurance, give it to yourself. Book a series of coaching sessions as an investment in your growth. Tell me what you know is shifting, what you’re longing for, and who you hope to become. Sessions give you breathing room, lightness, wisdom and clarity so that you move through each season of your life with ease.

Book a free consultation if we’ve never worked together before, or if we have, access my client calendar here.

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