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Posted on 12 March 2019

Sometimes life gets so busy that your vision of it all becomes blurry.
In a feeling of overwhelm, you become reactive.
In a state of stress, you start to flounder.

But no matter how busy you are, you can pause.
Book a session.
Sit with yourself and your life.
Receive it.

Together we take the view from the balcony.
We ask good questions.
We give you the space to perceive what’s really going on – in you, in others, in the circumstances of your life.

When you’re clear again, you step forward with confidence.
And you create more of what works for you (and everyone else too!).

Stress is optional.
Overwhelm is unnecessary.


Interested in working together?

Book a free 20 minute phone consultation here:


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Miracle receiver or miracle blocker?

Posted on 6 March 2019

Do you experience miracles on the daily?

I do! And yet… sometimes I don’t. 

By definition miracles are :: wonders, marvels, and surprising events or things.

And, in my experience, miracles are continually unfolding. 

Life IS wonderful and marvelous and it all unfolds surprisingly well when I let it. This is how miraculous life is.

But…. and yes, this is a big BUT… I can also block miracles.

  • When I’m being too rigid about what I think should happen, I don’t ALLOW life to surprise me
  • When I’m judging everything as wrong, not much CAN go right for me…
  • When I’m being the control freak in my life, I don’t leave any room for another path to present itself.
  • When I’m discouraged and feeling hopeless, I don’t even notice the wonders and marvels of my life.

That’s my choice. And yours too.


What are you making hard that could be easy?

Where do you refuse the gifts Life is offering you?

What are you being so rigid about that it can’t change?

What stance are you taking to your problems that keep them solid?

What might happen for you if you relax more…?


Those questions are good ones to ask on the daily. Take them forward and see what softens in your world! How might life surprise and delight you if you let it? 

And if you’d like to practice being the space of miracles, join the class: Miracles Every Day!  We start tomorrow and meet for 22 days in a row.  Register HERE.

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How to walk through tough days … with ease.

Posted on 28 February 2019

One of the things I often remind clients is “if you don’t judge what’s here, it can contribute to you.”

Even these kinds of experiences:

* Coming down with the flu and having to cancel plans you were really looking forward to.
* Having your bank accounts emptied by the IRS in an unexpected mix up.
* Finding out that the employee you have been grooming for greater responsibility is seeking a job elsewhere.
* Being ghosted by a lover you thought was really into you.

Stuff is going to happen in your life that is not what you expected, wanted or planned on. How do you walk through even these experiences with ease?

1. Suspend your judgment. What’s going to come of this? You don’t know yet. Don’t catastrophize or make this situation mean anything yet.  Don’t be quick to rush into interpreting anything as wrong. Instead, say to yourself, “This is interesting. I wonder how this will unfold to my benefit?”

2. Stay relaxed. Ask simple questions: “What is this? What’s required here? What if anything do I need to do?” If you don’t need to do anything, DON’T.  Relax your body.  Soften.  Expand your awareness so you have a broader view of what’s going on. You’ll receive more information this way (shoot, you might even find that you’re the smartest person in the room!).

3. Trust. This too shall pass. Your life has many moments, many days, many experiences, and this is just one of the many. Everything has worked out in your life up to this point, and I’ll bet this will too. You don’t have to know how it’s going to turn out, but you can trust that you’ll know what you need to know when you need to know it. You always have.

As you face every unexpected twist and turn in your life, I recommend that you ask, “In what way is this a contribution to me? How is this what I’ve been asking for?”

As crazy as those questions might sound, I have yet to find that anything that has unfolded in my life has not been some kind of contribution to me in alignment with what I have been asking for.

And of course, you don’t have to deal with everything on your own. You can always book a session and get support. Each of the scenarios above are from clients of mine in the last week. And yes, they followed the three steps. They got out of judgment. They relaxed and asked questions, and they walked forward with an ease and calm that comes with trusting themselves to have the resources and awareness to survive even this.

Use the tools. See what happens.

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The House of Creativity convenes twice in March.

Posted on 26 February 2019

We’re almost at March – time flies!  How has your year been so far?

Perhaps you’d like to press the pause button and give yourself space to reground and recenter.

Get curious — “Where is my energy going?  What am I aligning with?  Am I creating what I’d like to have?”

I invite you to that space of expansion and re-centering in two day long events in March at my home in Glendale.

Come to the… House of Creativity!

In a small group setting you’ll journal, meditate, vision, and embody the energy of your creations so they can show up with ease.

√ Sit with your dreams, turn up your knowing and get present to what is possible
√ Align with the energy of your desired creations
√ Clear your limiting beliefs and judgments about what you can and can’t have so you can receive what you desire

Saturday, March 2 – Life Project

Are you aiming to create more money in your life?  More sex or a new relationship?  A different experience with your body?  A new career or home?  This day is for you to envision the next greatest version of your life.

Saturday, March 10 – Business Enterprises

Do you have a new branch of business to staff and launch?  A product or service you haven’t fully stepped into?  An album or book to create or release?  Come to the business day and bring it all to the table.

The House of Creativity is a day long VIP coaching intensive with consciousness tools for alignment. Choose either Saturday or come to both.  Details HERE.

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10+ ideas for kindness you can be in the world today

Posted on 14 February 2019

What kindness can you be in the world today?

Need some ideas?

√ Text a love note to a friend you haven’t spent time with recently.
√ Think of your exes with kindness. See them happy, healthy, and well.
√ Call a family member and recount a favorite memory you have of them.
√ Say hi to your neighbors. Silently wish them abundance and love.
√ Put extra cash in your wallet to give away to people on the street who ask you for money. (Be ready to give. Notice what that creates for you.)
√ Introduce yourself to someone you often encounter but don’t talk to (like the custodian or delivery person). Remember their name so you can greet them personally next time.
√ Buy flowers for you and light up your home with their vibrancy.
√ Clean out your car, and thank it for all the ways it runs smoothly and takes care of you.
√ Rub your feet (or hands or arms or belly) with lotion. Thank your body for being YOUR body.
√ Look for the beauty in everyone you see, even (and especially!) those who look most unhappy and miserable.
√ Slow down and make room for other people — open doors, hold the elevator, let that driver change lanes in front of you. Be the person who remembers that there’s more than enough room for all of us.

Kindness doesn’t require big gestures or a lot of words. It can be as simple as acknowledging that someone or something else exists, and appreciating that they do. When you are present and caring, the world around you relaxes and flows with greater ease.

That’s the power of kindness. It’s generative for you and everyone else too.

Choose it. And have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


P.S. I’ve opened up some Saturday coaching times this week If a session with me would be a kindness to you, choose it. Book your time HERE.

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February Coaching Special!

Posted on 12 February 2019

Who are you being in relationship?
What are you receiving (and not receiving)?
What are you choosing (and not choosing)?
What are you having (and not having)?

And what else is possible?

Let’s talk about YOU and LOVE!


Got any patterns there you’d like to look at?
Any secret agendas running the show?
Any old wounds needing some light and clarity so they can heal?

If you invested in a deep dive series of conversations about Love and relationships with me, you might create something new and different in this area of your life this year?


Relationship Coaching: You + Love

::: a 3 month package ::::

6 coaching sessions


Or message me to set up an payment plan.

Schedule your first session here:


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A book recommendation for February

Posted on 4 February 2019

This book is sarcastic and irreverent, but it is so sensible and brilliant! F*ck Love: One Shrink’s Sensible Advice for Finding a Lasting Relationship by Michael Bennett and Sarah Bennett. I listened on Audible over the course of two days, and when I was done with all the snarky quizzes and blunt advice, I felt GREAT!

And in this modern day world in which we actually get to choose our partners based on love and not our father’s arrangement of our marriages, or our society’s rules about who we can even be interested in, it’s important to still be sensible about who we choose to build a life with. That makes sense in theory, and I probably have said that aloud to myself and my friends and truly thought I believed it, but to be honest, I needed to HEAR these eight chapters by Michael Bennett and his daughter, Sarah, to have it sink in more. Love is SO SEDUCTIVE! And when I have fallen in love with someone, I have always thought somewhere deep inside me that it should be enough, or work out in some lasting way if I just loved the other person (and myself) enough. I had two (maybe three) past relationships that did not work out that have, despite time and distance, remained painful — wrapped up in heart-ache and confusion. Those were the ones where I DEEPLY LOVED THEM! Like, really REALLY loved them. I didn’t end the relationship hating them. I loved them, and it didn’t work out, and it was hard to reconcile that. If I love you ENOUGH, it has to work between us, right?

Romances are wonderful experiences of love, but also, would it be helpful to treat them a bit more like business deals? YES! I’d say so. But I haven’t always known how to do that. Will we actually work well together over the years, and create a life that works for both of us, or will this be a train wreck? What do I do when red flags come up? I think that’s what was most valuable for me as the chapters rolled on — the guidance about how to look objectively at whether this relationship is going to generate more or less over the years. Know it. And not make it personal or let it turn into an indictment of me, them, or even of love.

That’s what I’m saying about the sensible tone. The book is blunt. It’s sometimes sarcastic. But the authors use this voice to empower me to see more clearly, less personally, and far less through the rose-colored glasses of love.  And that was a gift!

The day after finishing the book I woke up grateful to a great boyfriend of the past who told me we were incompatible, when I wanted to keep working on ‘us’ because I loved us. And I thanked him. Truly thanked him.

A thank you to my friend Sophie who gave this book to my friend Erica for her birthday at a party where I could flip through it and get intrigued enough to buy it for myself. 🙂 If you read it, and it opens you up, or changes your world, let me know!

#AudibleReads #BooksThatChangeMe #AlwaysGrowing #BeyondLove #ThereHasGotToBeMore

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Is it possible that if you listened to your body, you’d make more money?

Posted on 21 January 2019

Is it possible that if you listened to your body, you’d make more money?

I’m so intrigued by that question.

And, I’m not the only one.  I’ve got a sweet group of clients who asked for a BODY class about MONEY.

They’ve got a sense that the more they acknowledge their body’s knowing, the more awareness they’ll have about making money.

So, they requested this class, and I created it!

I’m excited to play in the realm of questions and acknowledge the information my body gifts me continually.

What does my body know about the choices in front of me?
What does it share with me about the future?
What does it know about where to spend and what to buy and what those choices will create?

While I don’t know exactly what this class will create, it’s SO LIGHT, I know it’s another class that will change my whole world.

Would you like to join us?  We meet January 22 – March 26 — every Tuesday night at 7pm Pacific for ten weeks.

More details and a link to register are HERE.


This is a Joy of Embodiment class!  It’s part of a series of classes about having JOY with having a BODY!  Does that spark you?  Ten week classes give us enough time to choose a new way of being and to see what our choices create.  It’s not a lecture based class — it’s a laboratory for change!  And we’d love to have you in our lab.


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Soft serve with sprinkles is a small thing, but it’s part of my choice to BE joy…

Posted on 10 January 2019

What energy can you BE in your life this year that will create more for you?

Yesterday I treated myself to soft-serve with colored sprinkles in the middle of the afternoon because the was a match to the energy I’m choosing to BE and to have more of — JOY!

I didn’t plan on that sweet treat — it popped up as a possibility and I choose it.

That’s me following the energy. 

I am interested in JOY.  I’m choosing to BE the energy of JOY.  And as I embody joy, I naturally perceive the possibilities that will generate more joy.

THAT’S what had me choosing soft serve with sprinkles.

What energy can you BE that will create more for you?

That’s January’s Question of the Month that I’ve posted on my Facebook business page. Ask that question with me all month long and see what it creates for you.

Also, if this is the year you’d like to practice following the energy, acknowledging your awareness, asking questions, and choosing with consciousness, take a class with me.

Alignment, a daily practice class begins Saturday. Body and Money, a ten week series begins on January 22. And if you want to book a package of new year-new you sessions, choose it!  I’m here, and a series of sessions all about who you are BEING in your world just might be the best investment you could make in you.

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New Year, New Choices…

Posted on 8 January 2019

New Year, New Choices…

What are you creating next?

In coaching sessions you lay it all out on the table and we look at it:

Your choices.
Your points of view.
Your attitude.
The energy you be.
The energies you have available.
The possibilities.

We ask questions.
We pay attention to what’s under the surface.

You become more and more clear.

Would space like that be a kindness to you?
Would it create more in your reality?

If so, book some sessions.

$150 | single session
$497 | four sessions

Pop yourself into my calendar here:

Once a week, once a month, once a quarter?
Use them as you choose.

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