Hey, Business Owners!

Posted on 24 January 2017

It’s a new year with a new energy, and you’re not the same person you were a year ago.  Your business isn’t the same either!  So let me ask you:

What are you going to create though your business THIS year?

And how much fun, ease and joy can you BE as you create it?

Every year my business meets my needs, expands my world and gives me more than I could have imagined.  Sometimes business is slow.  Sometimes it’s rocking.  Always it’s a match to who I am being in the world.  This is both great and challenging!

Can you relate?

My business demands more of me than I would have imagined.  It both gives to me and requires me to step up.  When I ask it questions and make requests, it responds.  When I judge myself or come to conclusion, it stops flowing.
Beyond Business As Usual
Is your business thriving?  Is it expanding?  Is it contributing to you and your world?

It can be!  And more…!

Stop creating from conclusions.  Start asking more questions.  Give your business more space and start having more FUN!

New year.  New you.  New business.

Beyond what you created last year, what’s possible now?

That’s what we’ll be exploring in this week’s 3 part tele-series:Beyond Business as Usual.

Join me for 3 calls over 3 days.  We’ll clear conclusions and judgments, ask questions and get excited about a year of creation!  Are you ready for more money, clients, offerings, impact… ?  Let’s vision and activate that now!

This call series is interactive.  You bring your business and your questions to the line, and we work it with questions, clearings and tools.  All calls are recorded and yours to keep.

What will this series create for you?  Ask and know.  :)

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Did 2016 surprise you?

Posted on 28 November 2016

How are you doing? Did 2016 turn out to be a bit different from what you thought it was going to be?  It did for me!

A few weeks ago, right after the election, I hosted a free Energy Shifting Group Coaching Call.  It came from a request of a client-friend who asked for help accessing that space of possibilities she knows is there … she just couldn’t easily find it in the emotional drama of post-election chaos.

The call was lively!  It attracted people of varying political perspectives, and it wasn’t a call about opinion — it was a call about energy.  What energy are you BEING in this political climate?  What energy are you BEING in your life?  And what is that creating? 

(If you’d like to hear that call, find the recording HERE.)

I’m still asking those questions of myself and my clients and friends.

Honestly, I love political discussions, and I follow politics closely.  You could easily get me talking about my own stance on government, social issues, economic policies and law.  I’ve got opinions, for sure!  However, I am well aware that who I am BEING is far more important that my opinion on any matter.

Am I BEING a presence that creates with kindness and respect?  Am I bulldozing through my world with an energy of judgment, anger or blame?  Or am I hiding from what is unfolding in my world and pretending that it isn’t?

I’m aware of what each choice creates.  Kindness is actually a very potent energy — it’s not weak.  Respect can soften or even dissolve walls and barriers.  Anger, judgment and blame?  Well, I’m not immune to being those energies, however, I often have to go back to repair what they create when I use them.  And being unconscious to what is unfolding around me?  I don’t choose that.

How about you?

We always have choice.  What we are BEING is creating our life.  If we desire to live in a world that works for everyone, who do we have to BE to create it?  If we desire more equality or opportunity or justice, who do we have to BE to call it forth?

These questions don’t evoke simple answers. They do direct us, though.  They open doors of awareness and activate energies that are going to be different from what created the current circumstances.

Who do you have to BE to create the world that you desire to live in?

Maybe for you it’s time to BE more outspoken.
Maybe it’s time to speak less and listen more.
Maybe it’s time for you to meet your neighbors, get active in your community, volunteer your time, or start paying attention to what’s going on around you.
Maybe it’s time to unplug and plant a garden.

Heck, I can’t answer the question FOR you.  I CAN ask it WITH you!

If this is the kind of conversation that inspires you, join me for the Post Election Free Call #2 that I’m hosting tomorrow, Tuesday at 8pm PST.  It’s called Rock the Shock: Be the Change! Register HERE.

I also highly encourage you to sign up for December’s Daily Practice class, Be the Change: 21 Days of Creating Differently.  It begins Thursday, December 1.  We meet by phone (or recording) every day for 21 days, and practice energetic tools of creation.  The aim of this class is to close out 2016 with small actions that create big waves in our lives.  Details HERE.

I invite you to step forward to BE the difference that changes the world.

Be the person who changes the tone when there is division at the office.  Be the person who creates community in your neighborhood. Be the person who stands up and uses the intensity of an argument to create something powerful and new for everyone.

You can do that.  You can BE that.

You can change the world.

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A Post Election Energy Shifting Call

Posted on 10 November 2016

Hey, Friends!post election call-1

The Election is over, and for some of you the after-math feels like an emotional hangover or a bad dream. What if it didn’t have to be that way? Would you be willing to lighten up?

Join me for a FREE group call Thursday, Nov 10 at 8pm PST. We’ll talk possibility, we’ll choose to play with different energies (other than despair, judgment or fear!) and we’ll ask generative questions together.

This is your nation. This is your reality. It’s YOURS to create.

Now, what else is possible?

NOTE: this call is not a conversation about political parties or positions. It is a call about you, your power, your choice, and the energies available to you to create with regardless of who is President.

Our aim — a greater sense of lightness and possibility. ;) Because that’s always a choice, and it’s a potent one.

UPDATE:  This call was AWESOME!  If you’d like to receive a copy of the recording, email me at jess@jessicacolp.com

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How sexy are you being?

Posted on 25 October 2016

Sometimes I choose to be invisible.  Sometimes I choose to be bright.

Sometimes I walk under the radar of other people’s vision with my head down and my vision narrow.  I can do that!  I bet you can too.

Yet, sometimes, I walk completely differently — I rise tall, receive it all, and attract attention — so much that heads turn and people can’t stop looking at me.

It’s not about how much I weigh, or what I’m wearing, or how pretty or ugly I think I am.  (Those things make up my excuses, and even I know my excuses are b.s.)  It’s always my choice!  I can choose to BE sexy!

You don’t have to be emanating a sexy vibe all the time! You don’t have to strut through your life getting attention from every corner.Yet, when you DO, what does that create? What energy do you gift to the world when you are BEING sexy? And what energy flows to you that you can then receive and play with?

Are you looking for a new job?

Are you seeking a promotion?

Do you have an eye out for that person you might want to share your life with?

Are you making changes in your health?

Whatever you’re choosing to create next, I guarantee you it will be easier to create if you’re choose to bring ALL of you forward in brightness!  That’s the choice to be sexy, attractive and … dare, I say, powerful!

If you’ve forgotten how much ease you create with your bright sexy light, join me tomorrow night for this month’s pop-up group coaching call!  It’s called “The Ease of Being Sexy!” and you can participate live or by recording for only $33.  The call is interactive — shaped by your questions and your desires.

Our target for this call is to shift into MORE power, MORE presence, and MORE ease, flow and grace. If that’s not sexy, what is?

October workshopThis Consciousness Workshop takes place tomorrow:  Thursday, October 27 at 7pm PST. 

It’s held by tele-conference call with plenty of room for coaching around your individual questions, plus there will be much to receive from other participants.

If you can’t be there live, no problem.  Send in a question ahead of time and join by recording afterwards.  The .mp3 is yours to keep.

More details are here: www.jessicacolp.com/consciousness-workshops

I don’t care what you might have been taught to believe, you are SEXY!  The more you let that sexy out, the better!  (You might even start to have more fun in your life!)

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My computer crashed and I didn’t panic

Posted on 5 October 2016

My computer crashed last week. Blitzed out!  No recovery. I had a trip the next day, an online class to teach from my hotel room, and very little time to remedy this problem.

My job: don’t panic, stay relaxed, be open to receive.
The Universe’s job: rearrange itself for what I am creating next.
The creation: a sexy new computer, purchased easily with extra money I wasn’t expecting, that arrived the morning I was headed to the Apple Store in an extra 30 minutes I didn’t think I was going to have. For real! It was a no-sweat, out-of-the-blue miracle!

I never know how it’s going to happen.
It never happens the way I think it will.

When I am light and spacious, it unfolds with ease.
When I am tight and contracted, it can feel like I’m banging my head against the metaphorical brick wall of my life no matter which direction I turn.

When I am open, something beautiful emerges from the chaos, and it blows me away with its speed.
When I am closed, something beautiful emerges from the chaos, and it takes me a long time to notice it.

Something beautiful and new always emerges from the chaos.

How do I stay open?

I soften.  I lower my barriers and walls.  I ask a lot of questions.  I follow the lightness.  I notice my ordered expectations and judgments.  Then I expand beyond them.

These are the tools in my toolbox that I use every day.  I teach them too!  We live in a world in which walls and judgments are normal, and stress is expected.  Not in my reality, and it doesn’t have to be the case in yours.

being you plus computerThe Inner Circle of Luminaries is open for Enrollment this week (until Friday!).  Our focus for the next three months is on Consciousness Tools for Changing Anything!  If you’d like more tools for your toolbox, join us for the term!

We’re reading Being You Changing the World by one of my favorite teachers on the planet, Dr. Dain Heer.

And today… soften and relax.

In your openness, you know what to do, where to go and what to say.  You can’t plan for everything, and you don’t have to.

Life’s got your back.

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What could you create with men if you dropped the judgment?

Posted on 26 September 2016

(Excuse for a moment, Brothers.  Allow me to address the women.  This is important, and it’s about you.)

Hey, Sisters!

If we women stopped complaining about men and started receiving them, what could we experience instead?

Enough of proclaiming that men aren’t evolved enough, that men are stupid, that men just don’t get it.  Enough of emasculating men.  Enough of acting as if we’re superior.

How can we create respectful and honoring relationships if we aren’t BEING that ourselves.

Enough.  Enough with judging men.

Let’s expand into something entirely different.  From a place of greater awareness and wholeness, let’s be women who create something new with men on the planet.

Let’s receive men.  Let’s invite men to contribute.  Let’s make space for men to be who they are, and to show up with their full gifts and capacities.

Honoring MenHonoring Men: a 6 week series for Conscious Women begins this Wednesday night at 7pm PST.  I’d love to have you join us!

Week by week we’ll explore how to BE with men without judgment.  Apply our work to your father, your brothers, your sons. Apply it to the men in your world.  Apply it to your beloved, or call him forth now!

What can you receive from men?
What can you invite men into?
What can you create with men that you never considered possible?

What kindness and caring do men offer that you have never recognized or acknowledged before?

Come, ask those questions with me.  Together with weekly conversation and playful assignments, you’ll practice lowering your barriers, expanding your awareness, softening to receive, inviting vulnerability, and creating space for partnership and play.

Read more here:   www.jessicacolp.com/honoring-men

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How much are you willing to receive?

Posted on 12 September 2016

Living Abundance-3Ever wonder how much the Universe is trying to give you that you are missing?

You can’t receive and have abundance if you’re shut down in fear and scarcity.

That lack vibe is really easy to be in. It’s projected at us from all directions; it’s loud and convincing. However, it’s not true. This is an Abundant Universe — a Universe of More Than Enough.

Come… practice RECEIVING it! And from there, create MORE!

Living Abundance: a 21 Day Practice in HAVING It All and RECEIVING More begins Friday, September 16.

Guided meditations, energy tools and practices, journaling time and good conversation — all within 30 minutes.  Every day.  For 21 Days.

And, at the end of the class, you get to keep the recordings.

Let this class be a re-set on your relationship with your life.

Read more here:   www.jessicacolp.com/living-abundance

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What else is possible in my CAREER?

Posted on 29 August 2016

How’s your job going?  Are you happy in your career?  Do you like where you’re headed?

If your work isn’t exciting to you, if you are drained and exhausted by it, if you can’t see any possibilities beyond your present situation or if you are lacking the energy to make a change… let’s shift that!  There is so much more possible!

Each month I offer a pop-up group coaching call for only $33.  This month’s is called “What else is possible in my CAREER?” and I’d love to have you join us.

This group coaching call takes place tomorrow - Tuesday, August 30 at 7pm PST in the virtual space of a tele-conference call.  If you can’t be there live, no problem.  Send in a question ahead of time and  join by recording afterwards.  The .mp3 is yours to keep.

More details are here: www.jessicacolp.com/consciousness-workshops

Note: If you’ve only done one-on-one coaching sessions with me, I encourage you to try out a group call.  There’s so much to learn from other people’s processing and sometimes the reflection of someone else’s situation will open up brand new worlds for you!

Here’s what Elizabeth told me shifted for her in the month after July’s Creation Call:

“Since The Creation Call, I have been so freed up about money. I have been more in-tune with my clients and spoke freer (without judgement or second guessing myself). I earned money and had less judgement about how much and frequency of clients. I have repeated my new mantra I am open to receiving love and money and what a difference. Thank you Jessica for opening the space with me and to everyone who held the space.”

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Got any triggers this political season?

Posted on 28 July 2016

I knew this was going to be an exciting year when it started. A presidential election year with such an interesting cast of characters. And WOW — it’s intense! I have Bernie or Bust friends, Hillary supporters, and some hard-core Trump enthusiasts in my world, and of course, I’ve got my own opinions too!

The emotional triggers around all of this are high and hot!   The sides are polarized.  As far as I’m concerned, this season is a Consciousness Bootcamp.

Do you ignore it all and protect your sensitive self by closing down your Facebook account and turning off the news?   Do you dive in and fight for your side like a warrior? Do you numb out and proclaim everyone an idiot, or get scared by the fear and hatred you’re witnessing?

What ELSE is possible?

Truly, there are many choices you could make regarding how to BE with it all. Whatever choice you make, let it be light and powerful. Here’s what I know:

  • We have the capacity to witness and contribute without judging those who disagree.
  • We have the capacity to include all information in our awareness without short-circuiting in despair, fear or anger.
  • We have the capacity to create something completely new when we let go of being right.

That’s consciousness. It includes everything, judges nothing, and it contributes. In the the space of unconditional presence and inclusion, everything changes. Battle lines dissolve. Old realities of fear dissipate into possibility. Something new gets created.

This is a time of great transformation. You’re part of it.  This year is not a status quo year.  This year is tumultous, the climate is chaotic, and it’s okay.  It’s actually great!

Don’t shut down. Don’t get scared. Don’t close your heart to those who disagree with you. Don’t hide.

Lean in. Ask questions. Open yourself wider and wider to embrace it all. Share yourself.

We cannot solve a problem at the level of consciousness that created it, said Einstein. We know this. If we want a different world, a different nation, we’ve got to step up. Into a new reality. Into a new space of being. And what if that’s not nearly as difficult as you’d think?

That’s where I am.  And personally, I’m LOVING this season. I watched the RNC last week. I’m watching the DNC this week. I’m in awe of it all!  Something is shifting. Something new is emerging. And I’m part of it from my seat in the bleachers. I’m part of it as I engage in comments on Facebook and in conversations on the sidewalk with my neighbors. I’m part of it as I get excited about the glimpses I’m getting of the future we are right now creating.

Whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, an Anarchist or something else, you’re part of it too.

This season is demanding a lot from us.  More vulnerability here. More transparency there. More love in the room, because more love is required. It grows me.  It grows us.  And It’s SO EXCITING!

July workshop simpleJoin me there! This skill of not hiding, not separating, not contracting in the face of what feels uncomfortable – it’s a LIFE skill! It’s a mastery of energy that will enhance your relationships, your career, and your enjoyment of life.

That’s what we’ll expand into in this month’s Consciousness Workshop: Politics, Polarity + The Presidential Elections, tomorrow at 12pm PST, and I invite you to attend for a lively conversation.  This is an interactive group coaching call experience that includes the .mp3 afterwards, and it’s only $33.

Details below!  And of course, reach out if you’d like individual coaching or healing sessions. I’m fresh off of leading a weekend retreat for a group of women business owners, and I’m on fire this week!

You’re continually setting the tone of your life by your choices and your perspectives.  Don’t play small and don’t contract.  In sessions with me, we blow all that up, following the lightness to more and more of you. What miracle in your life can we create for you? Book a session here;)

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What’s Your Friend Status?

Posted on 1 July 2016

Many years ago I got divorced on July 3rd.  The alignment with Independence Day weekend was not lost on me.  I had a sweatshirt at that time with the word Independent on it. I wore it with pride and took that word on as a top value.  I make my own choices, create my own life, and am just fine in my own good company.  Independent?  Yes!

And… a few of my other top values are Community and Connection  Kind of funny, that.

That balance between being independent and being connected is a challenging one at times.  I like my own space, however, I also enjoy community.  I desire freedom, yet I love intimacy.  I thrive with space, though I also need the warm embrace of others.

I can create a pretty good life on my own. If I’m not sharing myself with other people, or making space for other people to share themselves with me, however, it’s all a bit empty.

I’m not an island no matter how introverted or independent I am.  No one is.

We all need friends.  We need to feel a sense of belonging and community.  We need the exchange of ideas and perspectives to check us, expand us, and grow us.   Without that, things can get a little wonky.

Studies show that good friendships help us live long and healthy lives. That’s not surprising is it?  And, as an adult, your friendship are yours to create!

Check in and ask yourself:

Do I have close friends with whom I can show up fully — as myself?
Do I have diverse social circles that enrich my life?
Are my friendships healthy, balanced, and nurturing to me?
Have I cultivated intimacy and vulnerability within my friendships?


Could this area of your life use some attention?  If you tended to it with more consciousness, what else would be possible?

The year after my divorce was a rough one.  I spent a lot of time alone, processing my grief at this huge transition in my life.  I also got out in the world, showed up to new events, and mustered the courage to talk to new people.  I put together a friend circle that year that was unlike any I’d had before. It was diverse, it was edgy, and it was my saving grace.

I’m so grateful for those friends who walked me into a new experience of myself. And I’m grateful for the friends and communities who keep expanding me.  You, my friend, are part of that.

Friendship Term in the Inner CircleMy Inner Circle coaching group is focusing on Friendship + Intimacy this term.  Together, we’re reading a book called Frientimacy by Shasta Nelson.  As she says, “You don’t need better friends; you need better relationships.”  I love that!  I know that my relationships are what I create them to be, and if they’re not fulfilling me, I can change that.  That’s what we’ll be doing for the next three months — cultivating BFFs, social circles and rich relationships to enliven our lives.  I’d love to have you join us.


Details below!  You can also still join us for our Summer of Creation class.  And you’re ALWAYS welcome to book sessions with me, and expand into new possibilities beyond what you’ve been imagining.

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