When you’re on the verge of a big change…

Posted on 23 July 2018

Are you on the verge of something big and exciting in your life?

Are you dreaming up your next big adventure?

When you’re about to veer off from the beaten path, you want to talk it out with someone who will share your enthusiasm WHILE asking you questions to help you see it all more clearly.

Sometimes friends and family have too many agendas to be that space for you — at least in the beginning.

Not everyone is adventurous in the way that you are.
Not everyone gets you completely.

That’s why you talk it out with your coach.

You get clear on the energy of what you’d like to create next.
You feel into the possibilities.
You notice what is light for you (and what isn’t).
You trust yourself and your instincts.
You trust Life to blow you away with miracles as you step forward.
….and you celebrate it all!

It’s your life.

Why shouldn’t it be an adventure?


Interested in working with me? Book a time. First session is $150.

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This summer I gave myself Alaska

Posted on 8 July 2018

Happy July, Friends!

It’s HOT in LA, and we’re doing the best we can to keep our house cool. My cat is barely moving, and I am sunburned from a day at the beach yesterday with my girlfriends.

And, also, I am so grateful!

I live in this city I’ve chosen to live in. I do work that I love with people I enjoy. And, I like who and what I am. There’s a congruency between my life and me that I didn’t know was possible even a few years ago.

Much of this gratitude I’m being, has been the gift of a visit home to Alaska last month. I moved to LA ten years ago, and I hadn’t been back in the summer since I left. (Which is crazy, because summer in Alaska is beautiful and energizing!) The birch trees, the wild flowers, the rivers, the mountains, the sun that shines almost 24 hours a day, my family and friends … why had I been keeping such a distance?

Have you ever put up walls to someone or something, believing that you needed to do that to create something different?

That’s what I had done.

But this spring my boyfriend and I broke up, and as we walked through that change, I consciously chose NOT to put up walls to him. I cried a lot, and processed a great deal of sadness and grief, but I didn’t create walls and barriers of separation. And WOW did that create a lot!

I get to HAVE him, even though we are not together as a couple.
And, without those walls, I also get to have all of ME.  No separation.

That led to my trip home, and to having Alaska, my family. and my past without separation too.

What walls have you built to separate yourself from what wasn’t working for you?

What distance have you created that actually keeps you from receiving from everything in your life?

What barriers have you put up thinking that if you did you’d keep yourself from feeling pain?

What else is possible?

This tool of ‘no walls, no barriers’ is one of my favorite Access Consciousness tools, and it’s such a big one, I know it’ll keep expanding me through my lifetime. It feels counterintuitive (and it IS in this reality!), yet it always creates more for me when I practice it.

If you’re going through a break up with a job, a lover, or a place, try it.

When you want to get hard or create separation, don’t. 

Stay soft and vulnerable, be MORE present, and notice how much more awareness and energy that gives you. 

If you’d like to practice that with me, book a session or sign up for the next daily class I’m offering.

It’s 21 Days of Being the Dominant Energy in Your Life, and no walls/barriers is a foundational tool within our work.

You are the source of your life.

You can choose to create walls of separation, to compartmentalize, or to hold people and places at arm’s length.

Or you can choose to HAVE it all, and then create with it.

Choose more and be kind to yourself.


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Does your life work for you?

Posted on 6 June 2018

I have the interesting point of view that your life should actually work FOR you.

√ Your friendships should work for you. Create a Life that Works for You
√ The city you live in and the home that you’ve created should contribute to you.
√ Whatever your work in the world is, it should light your fire.
√ Whoever you sleep with should contribute to your body, and spending time with this person should make you more money.
√ What you’re creating as your body and your style should be fun for you.

Your life should work FOR you.

I know I’m using the world ‘should’ over and over here, and what I’m describing might seem kind of ideal, but come on…

It’s YOUR LIFE! It’s created based on YOUR choices!

If the major components of your life are not working FOR you, contributing to your joy and your glow, that’s crazy! I’ll tell you — they can and they should.

That’s why people hire me.

Because some moments you might look around your world and realize “this doesn’t work for me” or “I don’t like this” or “I’m giving but I’m not receiving from my life right now”. And if that’s where you realize you’re are, that’s the moment to ask some questions, expand your awareness, shift some energy, and change it!

Choose again.

Choose differently.

Be willing to uncreate something.
Be willing to receive what you haven’t been receiving.
Be willing to destroy it all, to laugh at it all, to stomp your foot, or drop your defenses and change it.

And again, and again and again…

Creating a life that works for you isn’t something you do once and then it’s good. It’s something you choose every day.

And a coach at your side who will challenge what you’re choosing, who will ask you questions, who will remind you that more is possible — that’s what I get to be for my clients.

Would having a coach on your team, contribute to you?

If so, choose it! Book some sessions: https://my.timetrade.com/book/MNQYL

Once a week, once a month, once a season? You don’t even have to know when we get started. You just start. You show up, bring your life to the table, and we go from there — into more.

Purchase an introductory 75 minute session for $150. We’ll record it. We’ll shift a lot of energy. You can listen to it again. You’ll have homework, more clarity, and a shift in energy that will start to change things even before we hang up the phone together.

And what else is possible?

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If you know there has to be MORE…

Posted on 1 May 2018

I teach these tools. They’re from a whole body of work that is known as Access Consciousness™. They’re all designed to empower you to know that you know.

That sounds so simple, but it’s really HUGE!

You KNOW! You have the capacity to be aware of what your choices will create even before you make them. Your first language is energy. You know stuff.

You are AWARE! You are aware of other people’s thoughts, of Earth, the future, beings without bodies, and all kinds of stuff that we can’t quantify or measure with our five physical senses.

You are potent and POWERFUL! Even though you’ve probably spent a lot of your life believing that you’re not.

I know it’s easy to say all of this, but I’m actually REALLY interested in you living it. Self-actualization theory is fascinating. But, BEING aware and powerful is where life gets fun.

Create a NEW FUTURE.-5So, I teach these tools. To my clients, in my online groups, in classes. And I use them in my own life. Every day.

If this kind of conversation is one you want to be in, if you want to be armed with a toolbox of consciousness tools, if you’re looking for FAR MORE potency than what you’ve found in all of your seeking, you can choose it!

This four day class — the Access Consciousness Foundation Class — it’s amazing! It’s four full days of conversation, processes, energy work, a big ass manual, and topics that are out of the box of normal.

It’s not a class you want to take if you like the box of this reality. It IS a class for people (like me!) who have always known that something else is possible and that this tiny little reality you see and touch and have been given as true has GOT to be bullshit.

There is a pre-req. But you have time to meet it. You can fly into LA for this class. You can consider it a life changing retreat of an experience. In my living room. On my couches. With an intimate group of people + me.

You get lots of attention. Your life gets lots of attention. Your body gets lots of attention. And everything changes.

I’ve seen it over and over… and I really love it!

Details HERE. You are INVITED! What would it take for you to join?

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What happens in a session with me?

Posted on 2 April 2018

When you not only start Monday with a kick ass client in a firework kind of session, but then she sends you a testimonial, unsolicited, just because — that’s an awesome start to the month! Anyone else want to book with me?

Here are her words:  “Holy shit, I just had my mind totally blown by Jessica’s magical medicine! I’ve been going through the most challenging few weeks of my life, and she helped me transform my perspective and truly appreciate all the GIFTS in all of it. I feel such a lightness, knowing and excitement about everything that has become possible thanks to this session! Jessica’s intuition, mad skillz and ability to see things that I would have never ever been able to see on my own (that are SPOT ON) create true Alchemy! You have mega SUPER POWERS, lady!! I will be back for more of your genius soon!”

What might YOU have to say after giving yourself the space to lay it all out, ask bigger questions, let the heavy shit go, know what you know, and perceive what’s possible? That’s what we do in sessions.

Phone or video. Doesn’t matter where you live (she lives abroad!). Doesn’t matter what you’re asking for, what your topics are, or whether you even know what you want to receive.

You’d book a session

.. to hear yourself
.. to acknowledge what you’re experiencing (good, bad or ugly)
.. to cut through the bullshit your head makes up
.. to ask questions
.. to create more
.. to know what’s true for you
.. to stop feeling the victim or the loser
.. to choose something better
.. to find the words for a tough conversation
.. to disconnect from your family agendas

Sometimes we talk to dead people.
Sometimes we do weird energy clearing stuff.
Sometimes we release old contracts.
Sometimes we cry or laugh or shout or put a plan on paper.

I never know what the heck is going to happen, but I’ve been coaching long enough to know that no topic is too hard and no situation is too dense that we can’t open a space for lightness and ease. If we choose it.

If YOU want a session, book it! You’re worth it. Your life is worth it. Your choice of ease, space, freedom and possibility is worth it.

30 minutes | $80
60 minutes | $150

Packages available.

BUT, heck, this week only, mention THIS post and book a session for $125. My spring gift to you.

Calendar HERE.

.... this is ME with earbuds in, coffee steaming, ready for my next client call.

…. this is ME with earbuds in, coffee steaming, ready for my next client call.

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Question, Choice and Possibility: a Taste of Access

Posted on 14 March 2018

Join me for a FREE zoom and let me share with you the quickest easiest Access tools I know to change reality and create something different — with ease.

Friday, March 16 at 12pm Pacific

Register here: https://tinyurl.com/march-friday-tasterQuestion, Choice and Possibilities

Bring your life to the table and we’ll apply the tools directly to it.

Question create. What is it to have the energy of question in your reality? Where do you think you are asking questions, but you aren’t? What questions can you ask to activate change in your world before you even do anything differently? Together we’ll craft questions specific to your life today, that will activate new possibilities right away.

Choice is always available. Where have you been feeling stuck and trapped? What choices are available that you haven’t been seeing? What if making a great choice isn’t as hard as you think it is? Let me share with you the energy of choice that isn’t nearly as significant or challenging as you’ve been taught.

Possibilities are infinite. The feeling that you’re stuck or limited is a lie. What possibilities can you perceive today before anything looks like it’s changing? Our questions on this zoom will open the door to possibilities. Follow the energy into more.

This is a free class, a taster for you of the tools I use with my clients, and every day in my own life to create more. How does it get any better than that?

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Does any part of you still believe money is bad?

Posted on 8 March 2018

Got any points of view about money begin bad, being separate from you, being dirty, being the root of all evil?

Those are common ones!  And what do they create?

Certainly not MORE money in your reality.Become Money Workshop-1

Every point of view you have about money creates your relationship with it.

Come, clear those with me.

Sunday, March 11, from 12 – 4:30pm join me in LA for a workshop with the How to Become Money Workbook by Gary Douglas.

We’ll take the 13 questions in the workbook, ask them, play with them, and clear the limited points of view we’ve bought as true.

Power.  Control.  Creativity.  Awareness.  Money.

Choose to BE that, and how much easier is it to create a financial reality that works for you?

Read more and register HERE.

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Lighten up, and change is easy.

Posted on 6 February 2018

21 Days of Generative Energy-2Over and over again I see what happens to clients after they’ve lightened up in a session. Once they are clear, and more themselves, change starts to happen — even before they have a chance to do anything different. They show up in their world with such an energy that life begins to rearrange.

This is generative energy.

Those days in which parking spaces are easy to find, people flirt with you, you win that contest, or someone out of the blue offers you a job? On those days you are being generative. Your energy changes the world. Your energy invites MORE!

Personally, I like it the ease of that!

Change requires energy. Energy can come from work, or it can come from YOU being you with such potency, presence and joy that life wakes up around you.

How much in your life is poised to change with a burst of that energy?

Choose it!

You can practice with me by joining 21 Days of Generative Energy, February’s daily meditation class. We begin Thursday! Details HERE.

Or book a session, and brighten up with me!

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Do You Have Your Own Back?

Posted on 10 January 2018

Most of my life I’ve been very aware of what other people need, what they feel, and what they want. I can read other people easily. Can you? It’s a capacity that’s super useful, but I can also use it against myself.

When I take care of everyone else’s needs and don’t even hear the needs of my body…
When I am so aware of other people’s minds, I lose track of my own truth…
When I see through other people’s eyes rather than my own…
When I stop creating what works for me, and let other people’s desires dominate…

None of that is fun. And none of those choices are satisfying or sustainable.

Can you relate?if I had my own back

Try asking this: If I had my own back here, what would I choose?

Would you speak up? Leave? Say yes? Or say no?
Would you keep doing what you’re doing, or would you do something different?

When you don’t exclude you from your life, what else is possible to have, receive, or create?

I invite you to THAT! To knowing what’s true for you and having the presence and potency that IS you.

No more excluding you.
No more betraying you.
No more making someone else’s reality more valid or real than your own.

Want to practice that with me?

The Have Your Own Back Class has been brewing for a while. Details are HERE. We’ll be using the tools of Access Consciousness™, reading a really great guide to creating relationships that work, and getting real about what’s true — for you — in all of your relationships.

Do you realize you’re unstoppable when you HAVE all of you? That’s what having your own back is all about.

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Is it still fire season?

Posted on 6 December 2017

There are currently several fires burning here in Southern California, and for the second time this year, my boyfriend’s home is darn close to the fire path. He’s again gone through the emotional experience of packing up his most valuable possessions and evacuating to my home in a part of LA that is not threatened by fire. Yesterday and today we watched the fire zone maps, following all the fire coverage we can find, watching our friend’s status updates, and generally keeping an eye on the whole scene. It’s intense to watch the hillsides burn and homes go up in flames.

What energy, space and consciousness can we BE when things are ‘hot’ that creates greater ease?

One of the ‘rules’ of our life is “everything is a contribution.” Even the things that can feel like trauma or drama, can contribute more — when we are open to receive.

What can he receive from the experience of this fire? Can the fire contribute to his life? Can this experience create a greater future? Yes, yes, yes.

Bryan has gotten to evaluate what’s important to him in his life — twice.
So many people have reached out to check on him — it’s a huge acknowledgment of how much he is cared for and loved.
His relationship with his neighbors and landlords has grown closer.
His appreciate of his home and connection to the land around him just keeps expanding too.

You may not be in the path of fire this week (if you are, please reach out. I’d love to gift you a session), but whatever IS going on in your life, go ahead and ask: What can this contribute to me? And as you walk through what’s in front of you, ask: What energy, space and consciousness can I be to receive this with ease?

These are a few tools of Access Consciousness. If you’d like more, show up for a class or book a session.  As always, I am grateful you are in my world. Thank you for being you.

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