Does your life reflect you – truly?

Posted on 12 December 2022

Is what’s in your life a fit for you?

I know what it is to find myself in relationships and situations that aren’t me.

I know what it looks like when someone has created a life that looks pretty good on the outside, but that feels deeply unfulfilling and inauthentic on the inside.

I’ve been there and so have my clients.

Ending up in something that isn’t representative of the truth of you usually happens slowly as a result of small actions or in-actions.

Not speaking up.
Letting your boundaries be crossed.
Taking the safe path at the expense of your heart’s promptings or your soul’s desires.

Or maybe you just didn’t slow down enough to feel what was true for you and thus ended up being carried to outcomes that aren’t reflective of who you really am.

Staying true to yourself takes some work. Continuing to stay connected and true takes tending.

But what is better work than this?

When your life feels true and aligned to your very being, it’s precious and fulfilling. That kind of authentic living is somewhat rare. It’s a life of integrity that brings online your deeper heart and soul wisdom and leads you to greater presence and integrity with all others in your life too.

Seek it, Friend. When something feels out of integrity to you, pay attention. When something begins to feel ill-fitting, get curious.

You’re growing and evolving all the time. Living authentically and true to yourself is a dance of listening and expressing, transforming and changing your creations as you go. What once fit you may not now. What was your truth yesterday may not be your truth tomorrow. Stay agile and honest.
Your life is YOUR life to create and recreate — and it should suit you.

P.S. If you could use support in that quest of integrity and authenticity, receive it. Work with me next year in weekly sessions. Book a consultation here.

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Follow the sparks

Posted on 29 November 2022

In the process of manifesting anything, your job is to say curious and present, eyes wide open and aware.

If something feels good, move towards it.

If you are inspired towards an action, take it.

Don’t overthink it, and don’t douse your inspiration with a bucket load of cynical thoughts.

The field of Infinite Possibility has more going on than you can figure out with your head, but you can pay attention to how you feel and what calls to you.

When something lights up for you, consider it a golden breadcrumb on your path. Move towards it.

One lit up moment leads to another and another…

One golden breadcrumb at a time.

Following those subtle impulses will take you places you couldn’t quite imagine but are a match to what your heart has been seeking.

Stay open.

Stay sensitive.

Seek the sparks.

P.S. When you’re on a manifesting journey having the space to soften and process all the subtle and sensitive layers of your experience fuels the journey. That’s what I offer in coaching sessions. My calendar is open for current clients and new clients. Book your times HERE.


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Do you believe in happily ever after?

Posted on 22 November 2022

I officiated a wedding last weekend for a client who met the love of her life while we were coaching together. Session after session we talked of the love she desired, she became the person who could have this love, and Friends — this love ARRIVED!!

Her partner is so perfectly what she was asking for (and more!), in our sessions we still shake our head and marvel at how good it is.

This is the fourth wedding I’ve officiated for clients! Isn’t that an amazing thing? It’s such an honor to have such a front row seat to someone’s dreams come true.

Basking in the after-glow of that glorious wedding day has left me feeling even more tender as I hold space for my other clients’ dreams.

Everyone I am working with has dreams and desires for the next expression of their life, AND everyone I am working with has doubts that they are worthy or that they can have what it is they want.

They can.

I hold space that they will.

While it’s true that ‘happily ever after’ is a bit of a myth in regards to the fact that we don’t just reach a pinnacle of happiness and stay there, ‘happily ever after’ is, in my book, something to reach for consistently.

I want you to live in such appreciation for your life that happiness is your baseline.

I want you to become so familiar and used to happiness as your state of being that when the bumps on your path leave you miserable and unhappy you don’t settle for that as your new normal.

I want you to remember that you can have great things in your life —great love, great work, great friendships, great fulfillment….!

I want you to audaciously reach for those next states of fullness and joy —whatever that is for YOU —and feel worthy of it

I want you to remember consistently that it is all possible, such that you step towards your dreams with confidence and anticipation.

You can have the joy and fulfillment that you want.

You can create it.
You can attract it.
You can receive it.

I know that for you. Do you know that for yourself?

When you muster faith for your dreams, you set yourself on an adventure of self growth. It will include healing. It will include uncomfortable moments. And it will challenge you. But it will be rich and it will be worth it.

Your dreams transform you. Reaching for more requires you to become a person who can HAVE more. If you choose, that’s where I come in.

My role as a coach is to help you hold steady, keep your gaze lifted, and your focus on the future you’re calling forth. I remind you of what’s true when you forget and keep you from sinking and veering off your path when you’re feeling rocked by circumstances or setbacks. I hear you and see you and love you — all of you! Somewhere in our work together those secret shames and doubts you walk with, met with care, dissolve. You become more whole and more confident, more open and more radiant. And that’s when magic happens.

Some clients work with me weekly. Others work with me monthly or seasonally. It’s an investment for sure, but your life and your dreams are worth it.

This is your life. Let it be great!

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When I get stuck in scarcity thinking my problems grow

Posted on 8 November 2022

When I focus on what I have, it grows.
When I appreciate what I’m receiving, it gives more to me.
When I soften and open my heart to the world, the world shows up kinder and more generous with me.

These are abundance principles I can live by in any context. They serve me well.

The energy of scarcity and lack, in contrast, feels like contraction. When I presume there isn’t enough or that my needs won’t be met, I hold tight and get rigid. What is created from that rigidity is more experience of scarcity. In this energy my problems grow.

It’s easy to be in scarcity. Just listen to the news or overhear a conversation about the economy or drive by a gas station and see this week’s prices, and it’s hard not to contract if that’s where I’ve been vibing.

But the energy of abundance is available to us too and it feels different! It’s expansive and relaxed. It’s open and generous and grateful.. When I presume that there is enough for me (and everyone else too!), I relax. Creativity and inspiration flows through me. What I create from that energy is life-giving and generative.

Where I land on that spectrum between scarcity and abundance has a lot to do with the thoughts I’m thinking, the posture I’m taking, and the attitude I’m cultivating. And that is all adjustable.

That’s the essence of the work in I Am Abundant: a 22 day energy shifting practice class. This is my annual abundance class, offered each year because I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a regular tune up of their abundance vibe.

Class is $111 and includes all recordings. You can also purchase the class + a coaching session for $222. We start Thursday. Read more and register HERE.

P.S.S. This topic of abundance vs scarcity is also a good one for sessions. When you know you’re emanating an energy that is creating the opposite of what you want, don’t stay in that for long. Come work it out with me. Book session times here.

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First, look for the good

Posted on 3 November 2022

What’s going well in your life?

What’s showing up as support for you?

What do you have so much of, giving it to others would be easy for you?

If you’re willing feel into those questions, you’ll put yourself in an energetic state of appreciation, acknowledgement, and maybe even abundance.

It’s pretty easy to get there.

Of course, not everything in our lives is always great. There’s plenty to look at that needs to change. Yet, looking at what IS going well is important too. In fact, in order of priority, it’s best if we look for that first.

Here’s what I’m appreciating…

Here’s why I’m appreciating it…


Here’s what I don’t like…

And here’s why I don’t like it…

Where you place your focus impacts your energy, your mood, your posture and even your ability to see what else is there. And it greatly contributes to what you attract and receive.

Today, look for the good. Take a broad view and appreciate the quirky, wonderful beauty and abundance in your life first. Tackle your problems second.

It’s possible that by the time you shift your focus to the problems, they won’t look so big or terrible. Maybe they just need a little attention. Maybe they need you to look away for a moment so they can resolve.

Everything is responding to the energy you are being.

Need help with your focus and attention? Book some sessions. Or, sign up for this year’s daily abundance class. We start next week.

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Do you give too much to your job?

Posted on 27 October 2022

I’ve coached many people over the years in various states of work-life imbalance, from mildly over-extended to completely sucked dry and devastated, and I can confidently tell you this:

You have a right to be well rounded — to have time for your joy as well as your work.  Truly, it is your right!

Despite any expectation to the contrary, you don’t have to give yourself up to meet anyone else’s expectations.

You don’t have to give so much that it becomes detrimental to your health and well being, your family, and your soul.

You don’t owe that to any job.

If you find yourself giving too much and losing yourself, draw back.

Seek a different view. This is yours to change.

What are you believing that has you over-giving?
For who or what are you overcompensating?
What are you trying to prove here, and what is that costing you?

If you’re covering for someone else, being responsible for what they should be responsible for, you may be propping them up in the short term but you’re not doing them (or the system that created this dynamic) any favors in the long term.

If your integrity or values are casualties to your job, this is unacceptable.

If you’re meeting unreasonable expectations by doing way more than is possible to sustain, what needs to be corrected or improved won’t be.

If you’re over-giving in one area, another area of your life is suffering the cost.

There is another way.

You matter!  Your well-being matters. Your health matters. Your joy matters.

Take some space and remember your true priorities. Your work is important, but it is not what defines you or determines your worth.

Maybe you need to leave the job you’re in, or maybe you need to change who you are within the job… but something else is possible.

There’s a way to come into a healthy relationship with yourself that will help you come into healthy relationship with your life.  It may take time and some deep inner work, but it’s worth it.

You are worth it.

When you’re struggling to re-prioritize what matters most to you, and find your balance amid a variety of pressures, support yourself with coaching. I’ll help you slow down, see the bigger picture, and find your feet again.  Book your times with me HERE.

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Don’t rush to fix

Posted on 19 October 2022

The more present you are to what’s here, the more clear you will be about action.

It’s hard to remember that.

When stuff is going on, we want to take action first. Fix it. Clean it up. Move it forward. Get out of this state.


First, get present. Be still and feel it. All of it.

This is what is.

It’s uncomfortable to be present.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll do nothing. Or be a passive receiver of an experience.

You’re checking in and gathering information.  You’re receiving awareness.

Your pause keeps you from reacting.

You’re the creator of your life, but you can’t create until you are here. Fully here. Fully present. Fully aware.

And then… plugged in to the truth of what IS, something will rise up within you.

A response. An inspiration. A knowing.

It will guide you forward.

Slow down, my friend. Slow down.

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Be heartbroken if that’s what is true

Posted on 12 October 2022

If you’re feeling discouraged or down, there’s something important for you in those feelings.

Don’t shove your sadness or disappointment in the closet. Don’t rush yourself to stop feeling what you’re feeling.

Give yourself the time and space to feel.

Grieve. Be heartbroken if that’s what’s there. Let yourself feel the weight of disappointment.

Honor yourself enough for that.

We feel sad because it matters.

The more courageous we are in feeling our feelings, the more they move through and offer their gifts sooner rather than later.

It is a skill to fully feel.

To be in the uncomfortable and not run away takes practice.

Sitting in the weight of disappointment doesn’t mean you’re wallowing or stuck. It means you’re walking through a valley within yourself… and valleys are just as beautiful as mountaintop.

So often the clarity for our desires comes in the dark times. All those heavy feelings are compost for the days ahead.

Our drive to create again emerges out of that strength we’re forging in the shadows.

I know this from my own dark days, and I see this is my clients who come to sessions feeling awful but leave with a new strength — because they were courageous enough to feel and face those deeper truths that the darker feelings showed them.

I’m not afraid of your shadows.

I’m happy to accompany you through any dark days of feeling. I’ll listen with you. I’ll listen with you to the voices that emerge. I’ll remind you that you won’t get lost here or stuck forever.

Be brave. Be true.

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More of what you love, less of what you don’t

Posted on 2 October 2022

If you could do more of what you love and less of what you don’t, what might that look like?

Can you imagine it?

What if your job, which I hope you like, was even more tailored to your skills and zone of genius?

What if you were less occupied by tasks that feel like a chore to you and more engaged in tasks that fuel your fire?

I can imagine you thriving in such work.

I can imagine you passionate and lit up as you talk about it.

I can imagine you feeling a sense of deep satisfaction and pride in what you bring to the table and accomplish in a week.

If we all had a bit more audacity, self-worthiness and creativity, this could be a more common experience.

It’s been my experience. In my first career I would daydream about someday being in a job that felt better. My job was good. In many ways it suited me, but the proportion of things I didn’t love in that job was higher than I wanted. I imagined a future that felt better …

What if I could spend more of my time engaged in what I really enjoy?

What if I could somehow NOT have to do what I don’t enjoy?

What job would that be?

How could I get there?

What I really loved was connection and conversation, light bulb moments, deep insights and wisdom emerging. Is it possible to have more of that and less of everything else? Yes!  As I asked those questions I slowly but surely saw the path towards it.

Imagination is a powerful tool. It takes us into unknown realms that may feel audacious, but that are actually visions of what can be if we’ll only put our focus and attention there even before we know how it can happen.

Call it being a dreamer, if you want. I call it being a conscious creator.

If you want to shake off the dust of your imagination, I’ve got a class for that starting Thursday. Or book sessions. I’m here for your dreams.


Are you needing some space to focus on creating your next vision of what’s ahead? Join October’s class series:  Future Dreaming: an imagination class for manifesting greater.  We’ll be meeting via zoom on Thursday nights this month.  Read more and register here:

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What really matters to you?

Posted on 20 September 2022

Do you know what you’re committed to?

Are you clear about what you intend for yourself as you step forward? Do you know what you’re aiming for?

I wouldn’t expect you to be able to answer that with a ton of specific detail, but I would hope that you’ve reflected enough about what you desire that you have a clear intent for what you’d like to experience and/or create next in your life.

Do you want a new job?

Are you longing for love and connection at a deeper level?

Have you been dreaming of launching a project or birthing a creative idea that’s been talking to you for a while?

Maybe you want to land a role, move to a new home, or meet a financial goal…

What do you want so much that you’re willing to fully commit to it?

A clear intention with a strong commitment rearranges your reality. So much happens once you make a powerful choice, that cannot happen until you do so.

Without commitment, life will distract you to no end, but a powerful commitment gives you an orientation.

Instead of being captivated by the little problems or issues that arise, your strong intent towards something greater gives you something more fulfilling to focus on and move towards.

A powerful commitment also helps you set clear boundaries and make wise choices.

If you do find your energy is being siphoned off in directions that leave you exhausted and don’t actually matter to you, take it as a sign to pause and remember again —

What’s the point?
What really matters to me?
What am I actually aiming for?

Seek a higher view and commit again to a worthy aim — one that feels like a stretch and a growth edge, and that inspires you forward.

As you walk your path, your commitment will need to strengthen and become such a part of you that you don’t forget.  For my clients, session are the space of remembering and deepening in their intentions.

Could you use that kind of support? That’s what coaching is for, and I’m here for it.

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