No blame. No shame. Just receiving.

Posted on 15 June 2022

I love loving my clients. If you’ve worked with me, maybe you recognize this. I get to be the one who receives everything my clients have to share and embrace them through it. No judgment. No shame. Just love and receiving.

It’s important, this space of unconditional listening and love. It’s neutral and kind and wise.

I see you’re here and it makes sense.
You make sense.
Let’s just be present together with what’s here right now.

We can’t just rush to feeling better or making different choices. First we have to accept — This is what’s here. Here’s where I am. Here’s what I feel.

From there, when we’re not hot with self-judgment or shame, we see more. We’re no longer deflecting or cringing or defending. We’re present to what’s here in a space of awareness. Now, more is possible.

I’ve learned so much from loving my clients. Just as I’ve learned so much from all the work I’ve done to love myself. This last year my inner voice has softened even more. I often find myself journaling:

I love myself.
I like myself.
I’m proud of myself.
I feel kindly towards myself.

This resets me. It plugs me in to resilience and presence. When I’m not longer running away from my failings, I can be curious about what they’re revealing.

I’m not completely over judging myself or feeling overly responsible and bad about not being perfect. But more and more I’m acknowledging myself just as I acknowledge my clients — I’m doing the best I can here. I’m not messing up. I’m just living a gloriously messy imperfect beautiful life.

I’ve needed people to model this for me. I’ve needed someone else to hold space for me that was kind and compassionate, so that I could heal and grow. This is what I offer you.

As a coach that I help clients strategize and think though their actions, but the base of all sessions with me is this — and unconditional loving and receiving of who you are so you can also receive yourself. Here lies authenticity and power.

Could you use some of this kindness in your life?

Are you ripe to recreate your relationship with yourself?

I offer a 12 session coaching series for transformation and change. Over the course of several months you meet with me regularly. We get clear on what you’re aiming to become and use the session series as your container for growth and manifestation.

If that interests you, book a consultation. This is a full hour for you to tell me about all that’s a challenge in your life and to look forward towards what you want instead. It’s free. It’s fun. It’s my offer to you.

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