My biggest lesson as I became a coach…

Posted on 10 August 2023

When I started coaching I was hopeful and enthusiastic but so SO nervous. What if this person gets nothing out of their session with me? What if I don’t know what to ask? What If I miss the opening for a big breakthrough moment, and they walk away as stuck as they were before?

I became a coach because I love conversations and the insights and awakenings that a good conversation can spark. I’d experienced that as a client myself.

I’d felt my whole life change because of lightbulb moments I’d had in sessions — insights that helped me grow as a person, find new paths forward, hear my intuition, access inspiration, and become happy within myself.

This is why I became a coach.

But did I have what I needed to give that experience to clients?

The director of my coaching school emphasized one point over and over in our training, telling us that if we truly got this, we would always be of service.

He told us to remember that though we are the coach, the coaching is not about us. Meaning, it’s not on me to figure out my client’s problems or come up with the solution. That wouldn’t be coaching at all!

It’s not on me to fix my client. It’s my job to surrender all agendas and simply meet the client fully — open, present, curious and compassionate. That was enough.

I understood that theoretically, and then it was a practice.

My mind would freak out in every session with panic about whether I was giving enough, being enough, offering enough input, asking good enough questions. I’d start to tense, the vibe would lower, the conversation would go off the rails…

And then I’d remember to relax and trust. Trust in my own enoughness. Trust in their enoughness. And then something beautiful and amazing would gently emerge.

Their own inspiration would come to the surface.

Their own wholeness and completeness would show itself.

This is how it works – always.

Call it healthy self-esteem, call it confidence, call it whatever you want… We ALL need to remember our enougness over and over again in all areas of our life.

I’ll tell you this:

You are enough.

You are whole and complete.

You do not have to be perfect to be enough.

You simply are.

Internalize this and everything changes.

Stress, worry and overwhelm dissipates. The field around you relaxes. Your wholeness leads you forward with solutions that your insecure mind would never even see.

A more beautiful world is created when we remember our enoughness.

I trust that. And I trust you.

I’m here to meet you in that space of enoughness in sessions anytime.

I’m also again offering the “I Am Enough” class I first taught two years ago. I loved leading it, and it feels like a good time to do it again. If it speaks to you, come join.

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