More of what you love, less of what you don’t

Posted on 02 October 2022

If you could do more of what you love and less of what you don’t, what might that look like?

Can you imagine it?

What if your job, which I hope you like, was even more tailored to your skills and zone of genius?

What if you were less occupied by tasks that feel like a chore to you and more engaged in tasks that fuel your fire?

I can imagine you thriving in such work.

I can imagine you passionate and lit up as you talk about it.

I can imagine you feeling a sense of deep satisfaction and pride in what you bring to the table and accomplish in a week.

If we all had a bit more audacity, self-worthiness and creativity, this could be a more common experience.

It’s been my experience. In my first career I would daydream about someday being in a job that felt better. My job was good. In many ways it suited me, but the proportion of things I didn’t love in that job was higher than I wanted. I imagined a future that felt better …

What if I could spend more of my time engaged in what I really enjoy?

What if I could somehow NOT have to do what I don’t enjoy?

What job would that be?

How could I get there?

What I really loved was connection and conversation, light bulb moments, deep insights and wisdom emerging. Is it possible to have more of that and less of everything else? Yes!  As I asked those questions I slowly but surely saw the path towards it.

Imagination is a powerful tool. It takes us into unknown realms that may feel audacious, but that are actually visions of what can be if we’ll only put our focus and attention there even before we know how it can happen.

Call it being a dreamer, if you want. I call it being a conscious creator.

If you want to shake off the dust of your imagination, I’ve got a class for that starting Thursday. Or book sessions. I’m here for your dreams.


Are you needing some space to focus on creating your next vision of what’s ahead? Join October’s class series:  Future Dreaming: an imagination class for manifesting greater.  We’ll be meeting via zoom on Thursday nights this month.  Read more and register here:

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