One of my earliest money memories

Posted on 12 October 2013

Do you like money? Do you have a good relationship with it?

Are you enjoying the freely given abundance of the universe, or are you holding it at arms length with beliefs that you have to work hard to earn it, that you’re not worthy of it, or that perhaps it’s just not for you?

Money is something we ALL interact with, and whether we ignore it, embrace it, abuse it, despise it, or grasp for it, it’s a relationship that is well worth paying attention to. Beyond the surface explanation of your bank account balances and bills, you’ve got energetic patterns with money that symbolize your relationship with Spirit/God/Life itself.

To shine light on your relationship with money, ask yourself, “What is my earliest memory of money?” Notice what this early memory reveals to you.

Here’s mine: I’m six years old on a family vacation. My little brother and I are sitting in front of Great-Grandpa’s recliner in his retirement trailer park. Great-Grandpa picks up a big glass jar full of coins that sits next to his chair, and he leans down to tell us that every night he takes the change out of his pocket and puts it in this jar. He asks us in a whisper, “how much money do you think is in here?” and without a great sense of how pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters might add up, we guess there are hundreds of dollars in this jar — a fortune! Then Great-Grandpa leans in closer and asks, “Do you want some of this money?” Wide eyed, we must be nodding, because he tells us to reach in and pull out as much as our little hands can carry. Jeremy reaches in first, and then I, with slightly bigger hands, take my turn. Our hands are FULL of money! This is better than any story of pirate chests of gold. This is REAL! We are gleeful! We are rich!

And then suddenly, a wave of self-consciousness washes over me. I am immediately polite and demure. I hear my parent’s voice in my head, admonishing “don’t be greedy.” And I scoot away from the jar. Great-Grandpa can’t convince me to reach in again. I thank him for what I had already been given, and retreat behind a polite smile.

Here in one of my earliest memories of money, I discover an energetic dynamic of shame around abundance. I allow politeness to keep me from receiving even more. I back off from connection and generosity.

This memory has greatly informed me. It’s helped me see how I have continued through so many years of my life to relate to abundance. And as I’ve seen that pattern, I’ve been able to do the work to heal it. Would it serve you to do some inner housekeeping regarding your money patterns? Would it serve you to create a NEW relationship with abundance and wealth?

I’d say it would! And I encourage you to do so!

Here are two opportunities:

Julie Zipper and I are offering a week long intensive class next week called, Wealth Week: Money as a Spiritual Practice. This class begins on Monday and even if you can’t make the live calls, the .mp3 recordings are yours to keep and return to over and over. Out of a strong desire to see our clients and students step into an empowered relationship with abundance, we’re weaving spiritual principles through our most powerful teachings stories, tools and processes to help you create a new wealth blueprint and open to a free-flowing relationship with Source.

I also welcome you to work with me one-on-one in a private healing Soul Session to transform your relationship with money. Accessing your Akashic Records, we’ll explore the energetic dynamics that keep you from receiving and creating a greater experience of abundance, releasing what no longer serves you, and embodying a new expression of your soul’s wisdom. Book a money healing session for the special price of $99 — this month only.

The invitation is here. The harvest season supports it. The stars ARE aligned. The time for ease is now.

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