Miracles Find Me Everywhere

Posted on 03 October 2014

Last month I took a week-long road trip by myself — to camp, hike, and recharge. It was high time to get out of the city, soak in some beautiful vistas, and follow my nose without an agenda. So, I headed east.

I love traveling. I love how easy it is when I’m out of my routine to feel the flow. Where am I being called to go? What am I wanting to experience next? My eyes and ears are on alert, and I notice all signs and synchronicities in my path.

As I passed through Sedona, I thought about contacting my one friend who lives there.  I wanted to see him, yet, I didn’t feel like making plans with someone. I released the thought to the Universe instead – I’m open to crossing paths with him easily!

Sure enough, the next day I stopped for coffee at my new favorite Sedona coffee shop and lo and behold — there was my friend Stephan! I glimpsed him as soon as I entered. Perfect timing! We sat and chatted for over an hour in lively conversation, and then went on our merry way.  That’s flow!

That was my favorite moment of Divine Alignment on my trip. Yet, there were many more – the totally private campsite on a creek (with hot showers nearby),  the experience of jalepeno-infused bacon at an amazing restaurant, the trail sighting of deer and wild boar, the urge to move on down the road right before being hit by rain, the spontaneous conversation with sweet souls in my path… mini miracles at every turn! And oh — the beauty of the desert!  I came home filled up!

What I get to remember over and over is that miracles of alignment are always unfolding. Sometimes I’m so busy and in my own groove, I barely notice. Can you relate? And yet — I know they happen all the time!

How open to miracles can I become today?

How intuitively aligned can I be?

How can I let myself be receptive to the good Life offers me?  

Do those questions open you up like they open me? If so, take them on! No need to answer them… just let them work on you. Any habitual rigidity begins to soften as I remember that there is an easy flow wanting to happen in my life. I don’t have to make miracles happen. I simply get to live with enough openness to catch ’em occurring and celebrate their gift in my life.



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