Miracle receiver or miracle blocker?

Posted on 06 March 2019

Do you experience miracles on the daily?

I do! And yet… sometimes I don’t. 

By definition miracles are :: wonders, marvels, and surprising events or things.

And, in my experience, miracles are continually unfolding. 

Life IS wonderful and marvelous and it all unfolds surprisingly well when I let it. This is how miraculous life is.

But…. and yes, this is a big BUT… I can also block miracles.

  • When I’m being too rigid about what I think should happen, I don’t ALLOW life to surprise me
  • When I’m judging everything as wrong, not much CAN go right for me…
  • When I’m being the control freak in my life, I don’t leave any room for another path to present itself.
  • When I’m discouraged and feeling hopeless, I don’t even notice the wonders and marvels of my life.

That’s my choice. And yours too.


What are you making hard that could be easy?

Where do you refuse the gifts Life is offering you?

What are you being so rigid about that it can’t change?

What stance are you taking to your problems that keep them solid?

What might happen for you if you relax more…?


Those questions are good ones to ask on the daily. Take them forward and see what softens in your world! How might life surprise and delight you if you let it? 

And if you’d like to practice being the space of miracles, join the class: Miracles Every Day!  We start tomorrow and meet for 22 days in a row.  Register HERE.

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