Ever wonder how much Life is giving you that you are missing?

Any chance you have old programs of scarcity running that are shaping your reality?

Are your daily moods actually repelling magic and possibility?

Would you be willing to relax, expand your field and receive more?


This is a Universe of more than enough. Beyond nodding your head in a theoretical understanding of that, allow yourself to experience it. In truth, the energies you desire every day are actually there for you, present for you to receive. Are you good at receiving?

Most people do not operate with a high level of receptivity. Most people emanate more defensiveness than joyful openness. In this class, every morning, we’ll choose differently!

Having what you create and receiving what you ask for — that’s something you can practice.

Meet me every morning and practice with me!


  • We’ll begin by adjusting our ‘having’ meters.  Are you actually letting yourself HAVE what you have already created?
  • We’ll open our receptors and expand our field. When you are contracted and small, you’re likely to experience scarcity.  When you are expanded, how much more abundance can you perceive and receive?
  • And most importantly, each day we’ll CHOOSE our experience and ACKNOWLEDGE what we are generating.


I teach daily practice classes every few months because they’re the most impactful and practical kind of class I can facilitate.  Show up every day and allow a recalibration to greater creativity and awareness.  Practice new energetic tools, and expand your consciousness within a fun and lively group of classmates.


What you’ll receive:

• 30 minute live facilitation calls every morning for 21 days. Each call is recorded, and you receive the audio files to keep.

• Practical tools, questions and energetic practices to integrate into your daily life.

• A playful community of bright and potent beings sharing their experience with you!


Here are the details:

We created this class series in November of 2018, and wow did this series change our worlds!  You can purchase it now and receive ALL recordings to listen to on your own time.






And how you do you know if this class is for you?  Ask yourself, “What will this class create in my life?”  If asking that question generates a lightness and expansion, say YES!

What Participants Say

“This class was a game changer for me. Through our guided meditation practices each morning, I learned what to do, how to do it and I was supported each step of the way by Jessica and our class community. I grew my self-esteem; I became more trusting; I demonstrated more empathy. For the first time, I learned to listen to an inner wisdom that was greater than anything I had ever heard before. Finally, I was able to experience the benefits of a consistent meditation practice. Jessica, our teacher, brought a warm blend of wisdom, intimacy, humor, and vision to our spiritual paths. She extracted lessons from everyday practical experiences and provided deep encouragement. Always, I felt comfortable and welcome. She inspired me to believe in myself and to awaken to my spiritual capacity. I will always remember the impact those three weeks had on me and my personal growth.”  Suzanne


Loved the calls. I’m so much more calm at taking a risk, knowing that life supports me! So the things I thought were insurmountable became manageable and sometimes fun!! This group was a pleasure to hear in the mornings, along with you Jessica. thank you!!” ~ Avital


I feel so grateful for this class, for a first time a long time. I feel hopeful and positive about the possibility of creating a different way of living. Feeling light about my back account. What else is possible?” ~ Tunde


“I listened to the recording tonight and felt a break through. My body vibration expanded out quickly and big and I saw octopus like extensions wiggling! There were no barriers, I was fluid. My breath even deepened and my jaw relaxed. I think my invisible veil finally dropped. Thank you, Jessica.”  Patti


Everyone here just a deep gratitude for your shares and potency just listened to the call. In these last 21 days I’ve had the abundance of acknowledgement of all my creations, like my houses – a having I don’t always acknowledge – my business another acknowledging I don’t always allow myself to have and my body and uniqueness that I am. So in short this class allowed me to HAVE ALL OF ME. 🙏🏽🙌🏽❤️ Thank you ALL and to more of LIVING ABUNDANCE to, for and with you All!” ~ Erica


I am so thankful and grateful for this 21 days!!!! For you Jessica for facilitating so well and consistently!!!! So many levels and layers perceived, seen experienced. And the experience of conscious choice to receive ALL of LIFE with Ease Joy and Glory!!! To be and play with the energy of receiving. Yes Jessica you are perceptive – I love playing with energies. 🙏 What else is possible? Also, a big thank you to everyone in this group!!! I’m so grateful for everyone’s contribution of their energies to this class! It was very potent! ❤️ ~ Susan


So grateful for this class. I have received so much space and ease and joy and am now interested in my way of being in the world and my interactions with everyone in it. The first three calls literally blew my mind and I had to listen at least three times to each!! Thank you, Jessica, for always having our back and giving us surprising insights while also being totally vulnerable and open. The epitome of being in allowance and being the question. Your joy for this work shines through everything you do. And love and gratitude to all the others on this journey and their shares which informed my own choices. Deep appreciation and gratitude to all. 💖💖💖🤩🤩🤩🔥🔥🔥🎉🎉🎉 ~ Peter


“Thanks for the meditation this morning, Jessica. As you know, I perfected the art of walking through life invisible…. So letting go of my barriers and showing up more was a big experience for me today. I feel super grounded and in my body. What a fun day!” – B.P.


“Wow, it is amazing the flood of emotion that can be received as you start becoming visible and lowering barriers. I went from uncomfortable to settled into myself and space. What a wonderful first day!” – Sam


“Expanded above my belt and beyond when I dropped my defenses and barriers. My bigness actually sat down and had a heart to heart with my husband about his children and was able to stay in a very open and truthful space with him.because I was barrier free. His heart was able to open to me as well. We both shared our pain about their behaviors and I got to see with my heart just how much he is hurting as well . This brought forth constructive and heart felt sharing and exchange as his defenses did not need to rise up because mine were down. That’s ALOT for one day!” – Donna


“Jessica’s leadership is the perfect mix of light, humorous, easy-going and strong, tell-it-like-it-is.  The guided meditations and group phone session were invaluable. Get ready for change and sign up.”  – Susannah


“This class really made my meditation go deeper than it ever has before. It also gave me a sense of peace and calmness that everything is ok, when I remember. Sometimes I forget, then I remember again. And sometimes it takes a class or a spiritual session or talking to the right person at the right time to remember.” – Michele


“This has been a great gift for me. It has helped me to go through the beginning of this period of joblessness. I am open to what may happen. This class has really taught me to be open. To see what is possible and be open for whatever I might receive.” – Murphy


“I learned in this class that asking questions can help me shift and receive more, and I don’t have to have an answer to those questions.
I ask myself how big am I being, how big is my world, to gauge if my walls/barriers are present. The truth always feels light.” – L. M.




The most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION I receive is something like this: My schedule conflicts with the calls.  Will I get as much out of the class if I am just listening to the recordings?

My answer is an enthusiastic: Yes!  Your commitment and participation is what matters.  If you don’t make the calls live, you are still invited to listen to the recording, do the meditation, participate in all the activities, and to share on the Facebook page.   It’s all as potent as you want it to be!


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