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Posted on 28 January 2014

Last week I assisted my best friend as she led a retreat for 30 women entrepreneurs.  In the course of our three days together, she guided them through many reflective exercises to help them arrive at a place of clear goals and intentions for the year, and I layered in some of my favorite integration tools — a labyrinth ritual, a visioning ceremony, and a final dance class!   So fun!  While the main focus of the retreat was business, it was ALL deeply personal work.  How are these women building fulfilling businesses that are profitable and of high service?  They’re aligning within.  Clear on their values, clear on their dreams, supported by a community that believes in them, they are showing up in their world with an extraordinary quality of BIGNESS. That excites me!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business owner or an employee, whether you are in transition, a full-time parent, or currently a student preparing for your career.  Life matches your inner alignment. Show up in the world with an inner confidence and clarity about who you are, and the world around you will lean in and support you.  You can’t fake that kind of alignment.  And no one can give it to you.  It’s a vibrancy that you naturally step into as you shake off unconsciousness and begin to honor the guidance of your inner wisdom.

Did you catch that?  Life WANTS to support you.  Life will always match you.So, by all means — wake up!  Get clear.  What do you really value?  What do you really want to create?  You are here to create, to serve, to remember who you are.  To arrive at inner clarity may require that you spend more time with your journal, meditating, or soaking in some of nature’s beauty.  It may require that you surround yourself with the people who help you remember your highest truth.  Whatever your path to clarity is, I guarantee it’s going to require something from you.  Every good investment does.  You’ll have to give up the hum-drums and the status quo.  You’ll have to shine a little brighter and stand a little taller.  Are you willing to embody the qualities of alignment?

In the days following the retreat, several of the women posted success stories in our forum on Facebook.  Stories about new business coming in even while they were gone.  Stories about coming back and having opportunities line up easily the very next day.  How is it so easy? It’s easy when you are in alignment.  Life does the big work, the heavy lifting, and the rearranging.  You get to vibe your YES, and show up to receive and serve.

I’ve been recommending Danielle LaPorte’s latest book, The Desire Map, to my clients and friends this month.  Part inspiration, part workbook, if you dig this inner work of alignment and want to create goals with soul, get it!

And, consider taking part in any of the groups I’m offering in the next month — join me in a virtual healing circle, a daily spiritual practice class, or join Sacred Sundays for weekly downloads of inspirational talks and guided meditations. And if you’re in LA and you want an in-person group, I have 2 spots left in a Manifesting Mastermind based on Timothy Ferriss’ 4 Hour Workweek. Register now!

Personally, I’m committed to this work of alignment — both within my self, and as my service to the world — and I’m continually inspired to create offerings that are both affordable and transformative.  I love people (that’s you!) and this world we live in.  Let’s make it even better together.***By the way, my BFF is Marianne Emma Jeff — an amazing business coach and founder of the Women’s Business Momentum Center.  If you are building a business, she’s got what you need to be successful – coaching, classes and community.  I recommend her 6 month Strong Start Program and suggest that you also check out her course catalog!  (I teach the summer Manifesting Class, one of my favorite things to do every summer!)

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