What does it take to have things fall into place for you (as if by magic)?

Posted on 22 April 2017

What’s going on in your life?  Is it an uphill battle or a walk in the park?

I know you have to go to work, pay your taxes, show up for your family, and be a functional human being.  That doesn’t mean you can’t also live life as if by magic.

Magic is when things unfold with surprising ease.  When you receive more than you thought was possible.  When you barely do anything and everything gets created for you.

Magic requires that you let go of control. It requires that you ask questions and follow the energy.  And to experience magic, you have to grow your capacity to receive.

I’ve got plenty of examples….Magic you are it

Like buying a round trip plane ticket to Rome for $435 last month (great connections, timing, and airlines!) — that was magic.

Getting a room at the hotel I wanted (with free breakfast) despite the fact that it was full — that was magic.

Stopping into my favorite store on a whim last Tuesday and finding five perfectly fitting dresses that I love — that was magic!

And that’s just the small stuff.

I also run my business on magic, but I doubt you’d want to do that!  (wink, wink!)

These ‘magical’ gifts from Life only landed because I had no particular expectation, I had total allowance for everything, and I followed the energy into the experience.

And that, of course, is both a practice and a choice.

I’m sure you have your own stories of magic and ease.  And I’d bet you’re pretty magical when you let yourself be.

Would you be willing to have MORE of that?  More often?  In more areas of your life?

Choose it!

And, if you’d like support in that, join me for an Access Consciousness book club series with the book Magic. You are It. Be It. by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.

Receive four weeks of calls.  Book talk + facilitation. Tools, processes and good company. We meet by phone or recording. You can join us from anywhere. Details HERE.

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