Let it be easy

Posted on 03 April 2023

Ever feel stuck? Feel like nothing is moving and like it never will?

I know that feeling.

I also know this — things can seem totally frozen over and completely gridlocked, and then, suddenly, they can shift and move.

Everything can turn around in a day, even if nothing on the surface was indicating that was about to happen.

You can have problems this morning that are solved by this evening.

You can have conflict at the beginning of the week that resolves by the end.

You can meet the next important person in your life today.

You can receive new information this week that inspires a new direction in your career.

You can have money land in for you that you weren’t expecting.

You can have nothing on your social calendar, and then suddenly receive invitations that excite you.

You can have all kinds of good things happen for you at any moment.

You don’t have to be exceptional for miracles to happen for you, but you often have to soften just a little.

The smallest shift of receptivity within you makes a big difference.

A sigh of relaxation on an exhale can be just enough opening for a shift in alignment to allow something new to show up for you.

A little bit of surrender from your ego can open just enough space for Life to bring you a solution.

It can be easy.

It can be easy.

It can be easy.

It can be easy.

It can be easy.

It can be easy.

Remind yourself.

Look for the path of least resistance.

Trust that there is one.

And LET IT BE easy.

In The Flow: a 21 day practice in surrender, ease + miracles begins Tuesday, April 11. Daily classes are like energy resets, and this one is designed to be a spring clean class for your psyche. When you’re in the flow, Life guides you. Read more and register here: http://www.jessicacolp.com/in-the-flow-class/

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