Let everything you go through make you a better person.

Posted on 07 November 2023

Learn lessons from the hard stuff.
Embody your values even when you’re challenged.
Build character and resilience through all experiences.

Reach for joy – it’s not superfluous.
Be brave enough to be vulnerable and authentic.
Prioritize connections.

Be careful of the thoughts you let yourself think— they’ll shape your view and become your filter.

Question your presumptions.

Notice what your actions create.
Notice what keeps showing up and what doesn’t.
Own it all.

You’re the common denominator in all of your experiences.
If you want change, be willing to change.

Do your inner work.

Don’t settle for the mediocre.
Don’t sink into low self-esteem.
Don’t take part in conversation of cynicism or apathy. That vibe is contagious.

Be selective.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you.
Talk about what really matters.
Perk up when you hear big ideas and hopeful visions.

Rest when you need to, but don’t sleep-walk through your life.
Years can pass you by with little to remember if you’re not careful.

Stay awake.

Follow the golden breadcrumbs Life gives you.

Look for the light. Trust your inner knowing.

The world is better when you are happy and growing.
Your experience of the world is better when you are awake and open hearted.

Aim to be happy. Seek to be fulfilled.

It’s all out there — the good and bad, the ugly and beautiful, the low vibe and high vibe paths forward. Choose your own adventure, but make it a good one.

Your life can and should feel great. Create it to suit you.

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