Last week I pet a whale!

Posted on 28 March 2013

Earlier this month I got to pet mama and baby gray whales in Baja, Mexico.  Can you imagine?  Mama whales pushed their babies towards our little fishing boats for us to pet them.  WHAT?  I know!  There I was like a little girl, hanging over the edge of the boat, patting the heads of these whales, feeling the baleen in a mama whale’s mouth, getting soaked by whale spray, and absolutely delighting in the beauty of Life.  It’s an experience I highly recommend!

Life is amazing!  Unexpected possibilities exist for each of us when we lift our heads and see beyond even seemingly reasonable limitations.  I wasn’t the first to pet gray whales, yet someone was.  Someone opened the door for an unlikely experience of Oneness and Love between two mammal species.  And, I for one, am grateful!

Earlier this week I celebrated my first passover with my girlfriend Davina and 7 other friends.  We moved through the story of the Israelites leaving Egypt together, and reflected on the many ways we have already allowed ourselves to transcend limitations and experiences of slavery, in a choice to be free.  It’s a story of faith, trust and miracles — wrapped up in a tradition of remembering.  It’s a tradition I’m happy to continue to observe, knowing that each year it will be relevant.

The experience of being free and liberated is a continual work of consciousness.  I am only limited by what I perceive to be limitation.  I have learned this lesson repeatedly in my life, and even as I grow in awareness, I find more areas in which I can either choose to stay stuck and bound, or I can make the empowered choice of freedom by trusting in abundance, possibility or expansion that I may not yet see.

Take a quick inventory with me:  Do you have any areas in your life you’d like to experience more freedom?  Do you feel like a slave to your job?  Your bills?  Your responsibilities?  Your relationships?

Now feel for a new possibility:  If you could let go of the feeling of being bound, even just a little, what might you create instead? 

You ARE creating your life.  And whether you’re creating from a feeling of limitation or possibility, YOU are the point of attraction.  Consider the possibility that you can walk out of any situation that feels like a prison.  You can create something new.

If you’d like support with that, you know I’m here!  I’ve got two Manifesting Masterminds starting up this month, I’m launching a second round of 21 Days of More Than Enough, and of course, I’m always available for a powerful conversation of freedom if you’d like to schedule a one-on-one coaching session.

No matter what you’re up to, make it big!  This is a friendly Universe, an abundant Universe, a loving Universe.  You are more supported that you know.

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