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Posted on 01 May 2018

I teach these tools. They’re from a whole body of work that is known as Access Consciousness™. They’re all designed to empower you to know that you know.

That sounds so simple, but it’s really HUGE!

You KNOW! You have the capacity to be aware of what your choices will create even before you make them. Your first language is energy. You know stuff.

You are AWARE! You are aware of other people’s thoughts, of Earth, the future, beings without bodies, and all kinds of stuff that we can’t quantify or measure with our five physical senses.

You are potent and POWERFUL! Even though you’ve probably spent a lot of your life believing that you’re not.

I know it’s easy to say all of this, but I’m actually REALLY interested in you living it. Self-actualization theory is fascinating. But, BEING aware and powerful is where life gets fun.

Create a NEW FUTURE.-5So, I teach these tools. To my clients, in my online groups, in classes. And I use them in my own life. Every day.

If this kind of conversation is one you want to be in, if you want to be armed with a toolbox of consciousness tools, if you’re looking for FAR MORE potency than what you’ve found in all of your seeking, you can choose it!

This four day class — the Access Consciousness Foundation Class — it’s amazing! It’s four full days of conversation, processes, energy work, a big ass manual, and topics that are out of the box of normal.

It’s not a class you want to take if you like the box of this reality. It IS a class for people (like me!) who have always known that something else is possible and that this tiny little reality you see and touch and have been given as true has GOT to be bullshit.

There is a pre-req. But you have time to meet it. You can fly into LA for this class. You can consider it a life changing retreat of an experience. In my living room. On my couches. With an intimate group of people + me.

You get lots of attention. Your life gets lots of attention. Your body gets lots of attention. And everything changes.

I’ve seen it over and over… and I really love it!

Details HERE. You are INVITED! What would it take for you to join?

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