I’ve been quiet this year…

Posted on 26 July 2021

I’ve been quiet this year. I had plans, goals and big ideas about what I would accomplish, but instead of outer productivity, this year has been rich in inner shifts. I feel like I’ve been hibernating. Resetting. Listening more than speaking. Looking inward more than outward.

I didn’t want to slow down. But I also didn’t have the energy or bandwidth to do the things my mind told me I should do. Eventually, I surrendered to that. I’ve continued to work one-on-one with clients, showing up where Life asked me to be, but I’ve disengaged from a lot of other activities. I withdrew from social media, stopped teaching classes and creating content for many months, and gave myself permission to not do a lot of what I’d normally feel I had to do…. In short, I relaxed and got quiet.

Honestly, I didn’t know how much I needed that.

The more I’ve quieted, the more I’ve felt the pieces of my self that have been trying hard to prove something. My worthiness? My validity? My rightness? It’s an old and exhausting game — one I don’t want to keep playing.

It hasn’t been easy to be with myself without the usual distractions, but as one of my spiritual teachers, Michael Beckwith says, “a bad day for the ego is a good day for the soul.” I’ve felt the truth of that this season. Apparently my spirit was calling for a deep ego check — a recalibration of self and identity.

Now, after months of quiet time, it’s easier for me to catch my inner efforting and ask — What am I trying to prove? To who? And what if I let that go? I’m practicing greeting all parts of myself with warmth and compassion. I remember that I don’t need to do or be anything in particular. Who I am, simply being Jessica, is enough. I have nothing to earn and nothing to prove. I’m not perfect, and I don’t have to be.

Have I learned this before? Yes. But I’m learning it again — another layer of inner peace gently establishing itself within me, a greater experience of wholeness.

As I allow these more subtle shifts from ego drive to spirit flow, what I need shows up for me — in a good conversation with a friend, a passage in a book, a dream, or an interaction with the world around me that touches me so deeply, I feel blessed and loved. I don’t effort to make this happen. I don’t earn it. I simply relax and receive it.

All of this is the inspiration for the daily practice class I’ve just put up for August called, I Am Enough: a 22 day practice in living from wholeness. Perhaps it speaks to you and you’d like to join me in sinking roots into this foundational principle of identity and spiritual truth. I’d welcome that. Tenderly.

I’m also curious about what the last months have been for you. Have you been in retreat and quiet time like me? Or have you been in a state of creativity and productivity? Do you have a lot to talk about and process? Do you want the space in which to hear yourself and integrate the wisdom within you? If so, I invite you into sessions.

Commit to a 3 or 6 month coaching package or to monthly Spirit Sessions with focus on inner alignment. Interested? Schedule a quick call with me to discuss how we might work together in a way that’s most supportive of you.

I’m here for you. My well is full. My heart is open. And I’m deeply grateful for the abundance that is within me and within all of us.

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