Did anyone ever tell you that it’s okay to like yourself?

Posted on 12 June 2019

How are you feeling about yourself?

On a scale of 1 – 10, where’s your self-esteem at?

Do you like you?

See, I ask this, because I know that when you DO like you, you’re far more resilient and life is easier.

I keep catching my clients in low self-esteem patterns. When they are excessively apologetic, lingering in self-doubt, shrinking back in the face of conflict/disagreement/accusation, or thinking poorly of themselves, I’m pretty good at calling it out — that’s low self-esteem. And it’s not necessary!

If someone else doesn’t like you, or is unhappy with you, or thinks you are doing something wrong, you could just receive that as information, not as devastation.

If things are not going the direction you wanted, that doesn’t mean you did anything wrong, but it IS information that will guide you.

Get it?

You don’t have to feel other people’s opinions or messy life circumstances as an indictment of you — it’s just life, it’s just opinions, it’s just information.

Do you perceive that neutrality?

As I see it, you can only have that neutrality if you’re not already in the hole with yourself. A healthy self esteem lets you be there: observing, receiving, playing with all the energies of your life.

Maybe you weren’t TOLD that you were awesome, often enough.

Maybe you didn’t know that your most powerful place was inside of you — centered and confident.

Maybe you were encouraged to give yourself up for other people, to listen to outside voices as your authority, to step outside of your place of power over and over and over… until it became your norm.

But you can choose again. Stop it. Choose for just a moment to access the energy of self-respect, self-centeredness, and self-confidence. And then what do you know?

I know — it takes practice, as consciousness does. But also, with my clients, when I point out that they are exhibiting low self-esteem and I ask them to step into healthy self esteem for a moment — they can and they do!

Even a moment of self-respect, a power pose, a breath to re-center to YOUR truth can change everything.

Try it. Repattern yourself.

You can also book sessions with me about this. Or you can sign up for the upcoming class, inspired by this topic – it’s called Audaciously You! and it’s a 4 week class to up level your self-esteem that starts June 18.

Details HERE. I’d love have you join!


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