It’s crazy out there. Don’t lose yourself.

Posted on 29 July 2020

The world at large is increasingly polarized and loud. How do you participate and pay attention without losing yourself?

Here’s what I’m continually reminding myself and my clients:

When your stress and anxiety rises, slow down.
When your mind obsesses or loops, return to your body.

Feel within:

What do I need?
What am I looking for?
What am I present to?
What really matters here?

The inner awareness that rises next won’t be complex. It’s simple and immediate. It returns you to the moment.

Not everything needs your attention in every single moment, and that the things that DO need your attention don’t require you to lose yourself to them.

Mental health is important.
Experiencing joyful moments is important.
Food and sleep and spiritual connection are important.

You have plenty to give the world — you have creativity that is needed now, skills that are valuable, and an important role to play in our fast-changing world — but giving from your overflow is far more sustainable and effective than trying to participate when you’re fragile and stressed.

Now more than ever, take care of yourself.

Healthy habits, meditation, supportive environments, and high vibe conversations are key. If you need help with that, I’m here for you – that’s my super-power! Join August’s Vision and Clarity class or book some sessions, but most importantly, slow down and pay attention within.

Everything you need to thrive is here for you.

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